“At the atomic level, matter does not even exist with certainty; it only exists as a tendency to exist.”

~ Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief




  • Atoms are the basic units of matter and the defining structure of elements.

  • Atoms were created after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.

  • An atom includes a nucleus, and then a series of orbital circles that surround this nucleus similar to the solar system structure but with attraction provided by electrostatic forces rather than gravity.

  • The protons and the neutrons reside in the nucleus & the electrons are in the orbitals.

  • The amount of protons in the nucleus of an atom determines its atomic number.



In this article, we'll be drawing information from a few unique sources that are not commonly known or understood in this particular day and age. Through understanding what an atom really is, how it operates, and what it's potentials are meant to be, it will become increasingly clear to the reader how utterly ignorant atomic nuclear energy is. The fact that science today is still engaged in splitting atoms apart and smashing them together will come to be known as the greatest crime against creation, evolution, and our very natures - as well as the foundational cause for many other delusions that presently plague the population. Here are the topics we'll be covering:

  • What an Atom Consists of

  • How Atoms Operate In Creation: In the World but Not of It

  • Ancient Understandings of the Carbon Atom

  • Atoms, Ascension, and Energy

  • Scientific Meditation & the Loosening One's Atomic Vibrations

  • The Mind Nucleus of the Atom


FYI: These words are one with the nucleus of the atom and will be used interchangeably:


Still Magnetic Light of God, Stillness, God, Source, Divine Consciousness, Mind, Gravity, Vacuum, Zero-Point

"The Truths - those surprising, amazing, unforseen truths - which our descendants will discover, are even now all around, staring us in the eyes, and yet we do not see them."

~Autobiography of the Yogi



According to Omni-Science (and other vortex sciences based on the true nature of this Electric Universe), the atom consists of twin opposing electrical spiral vortex waves which issue forth from and return to neutral centers of Still Magnetic Light (of mind) which is God/Source substance - also known as gravity or zero-point, and forms the nucleus/vacuum of the atom. Below is an artistic rendition of an atom showing the centripetal and centrifugal vortex motion and form.


(By Uphill Flow Media)



God's organic atomic energy powers all life into being (that's organic, not nuclear!). Each atom has within it's very center, Divine Consciousness. And the balance between the centripetal and centrifugal spiraling vortex motion of polarized atoms is the engine of creation.


Material elements are nothing more than differently vibrating atoms. The universe is a cosmic motion picture of dancing atoms, which in turn are energy-sparks—not matter at all but vibratory waves. The earthly sounds of all atomic motion, including the sounds of the body—the heart, lungs, circulation, cellular activity—come from the cosmic sound of the creative vibratory activity of Aum (source). The atom is both spiritual and physical as each nucleus is the Still Magnetic Light of God, which is also vacuum - this is discussed extensively in the last section of this article. Since we, as human beings, are a living, breathing, whirling mass of atoms - it follows that the best way to understand them is through ourselves and our own intuition. This is how the following information was gained and observed - not in the traditional way of the senses, but through the mind's eye:

"Any gaseous chemical element may be disassociated into less complicated bodies; these again into still less complicated; these will be dealt with presently. After the third disassociation; but one more is possible; the fourth disassociation gives the ultimate physical atom. This may vanish from the physical plane, but it may undergo no further disassociation on it. In this ultimate state of physical matter two types of atoms have been observed; they are alike in everything save the direction of their whorls and the force of which pours through them. In the one case, force pulls in from the "outside" (space), and passing through the atom pours into the physical world. In the second, it pours in from the physical world, and out through the atom to the "outside" again, ie., vanishes from the physical world. The one is like a spring, from which water bubbles out; the other is like a hole, into which water disappears. We call the atoms from which force comes out positive or male (aka centripetal) ; those through which it disappears, negative or female (aka centrifugal).


The atom can scarcely be said to be a "thing," though it is the material out of which all things

physical are composed. It is formed by the flow of life-force and vanishes with it's ebb. When this force arises in 'space' - the apparent void which must be filled with substance of some kind, of inconceivable tenuity - atoms appear; if this be artificially stopped for a single atom, there is nothing left. Presumably, if that flow were checked for but an instant, the whole physical world would vanish, as a cold cloud melts away in the empyrean. It is only the persistence of the flow which maintains the physical basis of the universe. (source)




Atomic theory is an ancient science. The earliest record of it can be found in Vedic texts from india which are many thousands of years old:

"Legend has it that the Vedic civilisation was highly advanced. The sages that oversaw its development, through their mystic insight and deep meditation, discovered the ancient symbols of spirituality: Aumkara and Swastika. They also discovered many scientific principles that they applied to develop a highly advanced technology. They gave the atom its sanskrit name "Anu".

While the technical achievements of this ancient civilization have been forgotten the archetypal symbols of spirituality have maintained their eminence in our consciousness.

The current way of describing an electron is a model called the charge cloud model/quantum mechanical model/orbital model. This model based on the idea of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, which states that we do not know the precise location or the velocity of any given electron. The model uses indistinct and overlapping "probability clouds" to approximate the position of an electron.

Recently a number of researchers have suggested that within these clouds exist specific zones that the electrons favor. These zones form a spiral around the surface of each of the tear drop shaped clouds.

This new development came into the attention of a great Indian saint and mystic. Disciples were encouraged to develop the principle as it related to the carbon atom. In deep meditation one of those disciples, who was a chemist, spontaneously realized the true significance of this theory:

The electron's high probability zone formed spiral standing waves around the carbon atom's nucleus. When this configuration was viewed from certain angles the physicist was surprised to find that the spirals formed recognizable symbols.

In the first view a 3–dimensional Aumkara could be seen. From a different angle that Aumkara became a flat, 2-dimensional Swastika. The Swastika, he concluded, was actually 2-D representation of the 3-D aumkara.

Rotating the model to another angle shows those symbols change into the Greek Alpha and Omega. At a cosmic level the symbols of Eastern spirituality (Aumkara and Swastika) are literally and only different aspects of the same spiritual truth that is also represented by the symbols of Western spirituality (Alpha and Omega). (source)

All people, objects and even energy itself are expressions of the same divinity that so many religions, cultures and philosophies have tried to claim exclusively as their own.

The Carbon atom, by containing within it these universal symbols, demonstrates that matter is a manifestation of the same Divine consciousness experienced by the saints and sages of all history. Matter is innately spiritual.

The Universe does not exist separately from the Universal Consciousness; it is a direct expression of it.


Living matter, which is carbon based, must have a unique role in this expression. A saint is one who lives in eternal experience of this all pervading divine purpose.

All people, objects and even energy itself are expressions of the same divinity

The alpha and omega are traditionally ascribed to Christ. In india the Deity called Ganesha presides over the Swastika and Aumkara.

There are some remarkable similarities between the two:
Both deities demonstrate the value of childlike innocence; Ganesha is himself an eternal child famous for his simple wisdom ;while Christ, son of god, often exhorted his disciples to "be as little children";

They both are divine children; both conceived immaculately;, both divine sons of a holy trinity (Christ is the son of Yahweh and The Holy Spirit/Mary and Ganesha son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati).

Are Ganesha and Christ the one and the same deity?

Each, like their symbols that exist as different aspects of the carbon atom, represent different aspects of the archetypal cosmic child.

Thus the distinction between Eastern and Western spirituality, like any division based on race, culture or belief, is no more than ignorance of the true spiritual nature of the universe and all that exists within it." (source)


The following excerpts are from Return of the Dove, by Margaret Storm, a friend of Nikola Tesla's who dedicated this book to him:

"Dedicated to Nikola Tesla and the White Dove, this book provides the scientific answers to the great spiritual needs of today's world....

Two understanding hearts, two sustaining Flames, who still labor faithfully with us, tending the little Lamp of Earth until that nearing hour when our Illuminated  will orbit in glory as Freedom's Star."

Our thoughts have extraordinary power, and their nature effects our bodies for the better or worse far more than many may realize. This has to with the slowing down of the spiraling wave motion in the atom or what Storm refers to as the revolutions:

"What is this true human freedom which we are seeking? Freedom for man comes as a result of his using God-free energy in its natural free way.

God-energy in its pure form flows into man's heartbeat by heartbeat. As the pure electrons are released by the sacred three-fold Flame within the heart, they enter the bloodstream. As they enter they are immediately stamped with the pattern of the individual. They can be qualified with love or they can be qualified with hate.

In other words, the electrons, which provide all power, can be used to carry out loving deeds, to think loving thoughts and to speak loving words. Or they can be used in an opposite manner, depending upon the choice we make through the use of our free will.

When man misuses his this electronic power in performing hateful acts, he misqualifies the energy. In other words he leaves his stamp of imperfection upon millions of electrons that flow into his bloodstream. This energy is God-energy and as such it must obey free will of man for man is God created as a free being. When man chooses to enslave this free and pure energy, so that it will do his bidding and supply him with power to carry out some questionable enterprise, he thereby enslaves himself.

He starts each pure electron on its way through his own bloodstream with a handicap - the weight of his own feeling of discord. The electron itself remains pure, for it is God-energy and can know no impurity. But as it whirls on its course it collects around itself a shell of impure matter. As it takes its appointed place with other electrons and forms an atom, the sticky substance clings; and soon the revolution of the atom itself is slowed, and in addition, the at collects the same astral substance on its outer shell, adding further weight.

The resulting rate of electronic revolutions, plus atomic revolutions, taken as a whole in man's physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies, constitutes what is known as his state of consciousness or his vibratory note.

If his electrons and atoms are revolving slowly, he is not only subject to disease, but he is subject to ugly delusions such as death. He begins to feel old age creeping on and in his limited understanding, he assumes that death is not far away. He feels fearful, bereft and alone. He cannot understand who is he or why he is he; he has no purpose in accord with a Divine Plan; he is, in short, a materialist, weighed down by his own burdens of hate which he carries right within his own atoms."

At some time, in some embodiment, each individual must make his own ascension:

"He must be able to achieve mastery over matter, raise the vibration of the physical atoms which composing his body, form a force-field or personal space-ship and ascend to his home star. During the present Aquarian Age, all death, as we know it today, will cease on this planet. Each individual will be scientifically trained to make his Ascension, exactly like it is done on planets.

The clue to the Ascension, in olden times as well as now, is the use of Love. If there is any discord shown toward matter, toward a physical atom, it is impossible to raise the vibration in a natural way, but only by the use of brute force such as modern scientists advocate. Discord has the effect of lowering vibrations. The early initiates were trained by Adepts from other planets who came to earth to assist the first inhabitants. Each individual, in experimenting with matter, was trained to lovingly call forth the God-substance which forms the nucleus of the atom, inviting it to rise and return to the Source. The entire atom responded by increasing the rate of its revolution and rising.

This method is still the one and only method by which the Ascension can be achieved today. Each and every human being must make the Ascension from this earth classroom before he can progress further in evolution elsewhere. Love is the one and only answer. Jesus, the great disciple of Light, demonstrated the Ascension two thousand years ago, but the dark forces working within churchianity perverted the true teachings, and the long-suffering public continues to suffer and pay the bills. (source)



By Paramahansa Yogananda

The uplifting vibrations of "the Comforter" bring profound inner peace and joy. The Creative Vibration vitalizes the individual life force in the body, which conduces to health and well-being, and can be consciously directed as healing power to those in need of divine aid. Being the source of intelligent creativity, the Aum vibration inspires one's own initiative, ingenuity, and will.


Baptism in the vibration of the Holy Ghost loosens the hold of bad habits and wrong desires, and aids in the establishment of good habits and desires—ultimately transmuting desire itself into a singlehearted attraction to blessed contact with God. To know God is not the negation of desires, but rather complete fulfillment. Just as by feeding somebody else one's own hunger cannot be appeased, so the soul can never be satisfied by catering to the senses. The senses crave indulgence, greed, and temptations to excite and amuse them; the soul feels fulfilled only by the calmness, peace, and bliss bestowed by meditation and the moderate use of the sensory instruments.


Ambition for good things, noble achievements, and spiritual work, serving the many, should be instituted to displace selfishness and greed, and the limiting circumscription of sole consideration for one's self and one's immediate family. When undertaken in the thought of God, there is great enjoyment in all good work and achievements.


By contacting God in the world and in meditation, all desires of the heart are fulfilled; for nothing is more worthwhile, more pleasant or attractive than the all-satisfying, ever-new joy of God.


Desire limits the consciousness to the object of desire. Love for all good things as expressions of God expands man's consciousness. One who bathes his consciousness in the Holy Ghost becomes unattached to personal desires and objects while enjoying everything with the joyousness of God within.


In deepest meditation, as practiced by those who are advanced in the technique of Kriya Yoga, the devotee experiences not only expansion in the Aum vibration "Voice from heaven," but finds himself able also to follow the microcosmic light of Spirit in the "straight way" of the spine into the light of the spiritual eye "dove descending from heaven." spiritual eye.


First, the life force and consciousness must be withdrawn from the senses and bodily restlessness, and must cross the portals of Cosmic Energy represented by the golden ring of the spiritual eye. Then the consciousness must plunge in the blue light representing Christ Consciousness. Then it must penetrate through the silver star opening into Spirit, in the boundless region of Infinity. This golden, blue, and silver light contains all the walls of rays—electronic, atomic, and lifetronic —of Cosmic Vibration through which one has to penetrate before one can reach heaven.


In these highest states of meditation, the body itself becomes spiritualized, loosening its atomic tenacity to reveal its underlying astral structure as life force. The aura often depicted around saints is not imaginative, but the inner divine light suffusing the whole being. By deeper meditation still, the astral body becomes elaborated into ideational body of consciousness. Then as pure wisdom the ideational consciousness transcends the vibrations of the Holy Ghost and becomes immersed in Christ Consciousness, through which it ascends to Cosmic Consciousness, the bosom of God the Father. (The Second Coming of Christ by Paramahansa Yogananda, p. 123-125)

*Image Source

"When the soul feels itself confined in the physical, astral, and ideational bodies, it should be taught how to detach itself consciously from these bodies and how to become expanded in spirit. By deep meditation, the body loosens it's atomic vibrations and becomes life force, and by deeper meditation the astral body changes through elaboration into the ideational body. Then by wisdom, the ideational consciousness becomes expanded in Christ Consciousness.

This is the way that ordinary consciousness can be baptized or expanded into Christ Consciousness through the expanding power of the Holy Ghost, or the all-spreading vibratory sound of Om heard in meditation by the practice of the Om Meditation Technique given in the lessons.

When Om is chanted, it travels not only all around the earth, but throughout all vibratory space and eternity. The sound emanating from the vibration of all atoms is called the Holy Ghost or the Sacred Vibration." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

If you would like to learn the Aum meditation technique, there are integral instructions available, please feel free to apply for the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons. The technique of meditation on Aum (Om) is taught as preparatory to Kriya Yoga which you can learn about here.


Mind Nucleus - Part 1-4 (audio)

Mind Nucleus - Part 5-9 (audio)


Twenty centuries ago the consummate Illuminate of all time tried to tell the early man of His day that God centered His universe and man. He freely told man that the kingdom of heaven was within, and that the Father of man dwelleth within man. His words had no meaning in those days of little knowing. The people of His day demanded an objective God, a ruler over men, a  personal God outside of themselves who had human emotions. That was the pagan concept of pagan intellects. Very slowly, down through the ages, the Mind-God of a Mind-created universe, began to dissolve the pagan concept of a God outside of His Creation, to a Mind which is omnipresent within it. Today millions of people have entirely discarded the pagan concept and have accepted the Mind concept without comprehending its full meaning, but man in the mass, throughout the world, still holds the pagan concept.

Civilization progressed dynamically since then and spiritually as man's concept of God thus changed. With even this progress the words: "Seek ye the kingdom of heaven within you," have no dynamic meaning.

The human race can never become ascendant until it is as fully aware of God Presence within man and all things, as it is aware of objective things. The brotherhood of man Idea can never come into its full meaning, and practice, till that new day of enlightenment.

In the month of May, 1921, other words of the same meaning as those uttered twenty centuries ago, were written down as another Message to man to tell man where to find God. These are the words of that Message:


"For behold: I am within all things centering them. And I am without all things controlling them.

I center My universe as My knowing. My universe encircles Me as My



These words which are a fragment quoted from The Divine Iliad Message are fraught with Cosmic meaning. They were written to tell to a newly dawning Age that the nucleus of the atom is the still Magnetic Light of God, the Creator of the atom, and that the atom is the electrically divided pair of moving lights, which manifest His thinking.


God centers His universe. God holds every atom of it together to manifest Him by its purposefulness. God gives of Himself to all His universe in an eternity of endless regiving. God's universe regives of itself to God in an eternity of endless giving. That which God gives is Love.


That which is regiven is love. That is the divine story of Creation. It is astory of cause and effect in the giving and regiving of love.


It is the One story of God's knowing, expressed by His thinking, illumined by the Light of His

imagining. It is told in the language of Light projected from His existent stillness into existent stillness to simulate motion where naught is but stillness to simulate dimension where dimension is naught and naught else is.


There is naught but God and God's knowing and His thinking and His imagining in all this seeming universe of Mind, which alone is.


These are the things which long ages of time, and experience fraught with the agony which is a part of ignorance, have tried to whisper to man from within his inner Consciousness. The silent

Voice of God has been ever active in this respect. Intuition and inspiration have also been ever active in this respect. God's Messengers to man, the geniuses, the Cosmic Illuminates and the rare mystics have ever been active in this respect, even though man crucifies them for their service to man.


The time has come when unfolding Intelligence in man should tell him that the divine spark of inspiration, and the Silent Voice which speaks to him from within, is the Magnetic Light of Mind and the Source of his energy.


We have been saying all through this book that it is time that all men should know our universe.


We shall now add to that by saying that all men should know God and His universe as One with themselves.


God centers all units of His Creation. It is God's energy which created His universe. God is the Source of energy which causes all motion. God's Mind is your Mind. He extends the energy of His Mind to every atom which moves around His center of stillness where He takes His

omnipresent stand in every thought ring and cell. Whatever knowledge you ever acquire comes to you from your Mind within.


Your senses cannot acquire knowledge. They can but be informed of effects of motion. And they can be mightily deceived by what they see. Knowledge can come only through Mind.


Mind awareness in the human race has but begun. With Mind awareness comes God

Consciousness. God Consciousness and cosmic awareness of the Light of the divine Presence within every man is the next step in the spiritual nature of man.


Thousands and then more thousands are beginning to comprehend that Inner Voice of one's own Mind coming from within each man. The reason for that is because the human race is still in its intellectual infancy.


The Dawn of Mind Consciousness is too recent for all men to THINK with their Mind. Man in the

mass still senses with his body. His desires are still dominated by his senses. His concepts are still sense-based. He hurts himself with his own acts and calls them evil. He conceives a personal God with vengeful human emotions. Evil was conceived in the senses of man. It has no existence in the Light of Mind.


All that Jesus told the world about the unity of God and man and the location of the Mind kingdom within every man, has no meaning except for the very few illumined ones and the very many who now so deeply desire that illumining. Yes God Consciousness is slowly infiltrating the human race as man knows more and more how to THINK with his Mind instead of SENSING with his body. We, who know God in us, are desirous of illumining the path for you to find that Light of inner knowing and when you do find it, you will then be able to say with deep knowing I and my Father are ONE and you will know all things.



The nucleus of every atom is Mind energy. The electrical power of motion, which spins spirally in one direction throughout all the universe, records Mind knowing in Mind-centered rings. Electric rings are atoms and united pairs of rings are atomic systems and cells. Compressing atoms multiply to express life to its maturity in cells and systems. Cells and systems then divide again into expanding atom rings to rest in their eternal cathode Selves, which man mistakes for death.


All motion is Mind thinking and rest from Mind thinking. Thinking is cyclic but the energy Source of thinking is eternal.


All of the energy of all Creation is in the omnipresent vacuum of the zero universe.


The error of man's observation of universal FACT lies in his beliefs that energy moves.


The omnipresent vacuum never moves. It is the fulcrum from which motion draws its energy to move, but the fulcrum never moves. Every ultra microscopic point in this Cosmic vacuum tube, which the universe is, is a fulcrum from which Mind desire is extended to express the Idea of Mind.


Mind desire is the sole energy of the universe. Motion is but the lever which expresses the energy extended to it from the fulcrum. As God's Mind is omnipresent, so, also, are all of the qualities and attributes of Mind, omnipresent. That is what man of the future must know and comprehend. He must know that all knowledge and all power exists at every point in all of the universe. When he finally knows that he will know that all knowledge and all power are within himself.


Man's greatest lesson of life is to become aware of that all Presence within the Light of himself.

That is what Cosmic Consciousness means. It means becoming Mind conscious rather than body


Let us illustrate the meaning of the above in this way. If a man looks into a mirror he fully believes that he is looking at himself. That is the belief of man for long ages. He is not looking at

himself, however. He is but looking at the rings of motion which are spinning around his eternal

Self for a period of activity between a rest period, in which he is building an image of what he thinks his Self to be. No man can see his Self but he can KNOW his Self.


Seeing is electric sensing. The senses are motion. Motion can sense only motion. They cannot sense the stillness of eternal balance. They can but sense the motion of divided balance.


When a man stands in perfect balance he cannot sense that condition. The very instant he falls out of balance, be it ever so slight, he is then aware of it. The electric current of motion vibrates within his senses and his senses become electrically aware of it.


He misinterprets the motion of his senses for Mind thinking. If a man is perfectly comfortable his senses are not aware of it. If he becomes cold his senses then tell him of his unbalanced condition in respect to his environment, and he puts a coat on. His body has told him these things, however, and not his Mind.


The measure of unfolding Intelligence in man is the measure of his Mind knowing in relation to his body sensing. Has man unfolded intellectually to the extent in which he can hear God's Voice inspiring him to become co-creator with Him by interpreting His qualities of love, beauty, rhythm, harmony or balance? Or is he limited to fulfilling the demands which the motion of his body cells are demanding of him? This is the nature of the knowledge which will give the coming race more geniuses and mystics, and great leaders among men for the up-building of an enduring civilization of peace and good will on earth.


This knowledge can be acquired only through desire for it. Desire can be awakened, and then multiplied, through knowledge. To acquire knowledge look within your own centering Self, for it is there awaiting you. The Silent Voice of your eternal Self forever whispers its omnipotence and omniscience to you. The following diagrams, which accompany the words of this chapter, are for the purpose of giving you that knowledge of where your power lies awaiting its manifestation by your body.


We will begin at the beginning and picture for you one thought ring of motion, which constitutes this entire electric universe. Bear in mind that there is not any other form in Nature than this one alpha-omega form, and combinations of them. Fig. 48 represents a single thought ring of motion, which surrounds its motionless Mind center. From this Mind center all knowledge and power is extended to the electric thinking which records the Idea of Mind. This universe is, therefore, composed of Mind and thought motion. Its thought pulsations multiply to the high potential of maturity and then divide into the rest from which they were born, to be again reborn for another period of motion. This figure represents the Inner Voice which speaks to you inspirationally, if you are sufficiently Cosmic to be aware of it, or to lower animal life instinctively.

Following this diagram are others of a sequence which demonstrate that bodies are created and given life, for a purpose, by increasingly fast thought power motion around their Energy Source. After they have fulfilled their purpose they must give back to their Source that which has

been given to fulfill the law of love, which demands equal giving and



It must be noted that Nature never TAKES it only GIVES.


The following diagrams illustrate this principle fully. Each one of them is the prototype of one cycle of an electric current, or an electric thought wave.


There is no other expression of motion than this in all Nature. In studying these illustrations fix upon your Mind the one thought that the entire omnipresent vacuum, out of which motion appears, has all knowledge, all power and all presence. What happens anywhere in it happens everywhere in it. Your senses may see it only at one point but your Mind knows that it is omnipresent. The radio and television tell you that. Every school boy is conscious of omnipresent actions through his familiarity with television....continued below...

Fig. 48 is a section of a body cell, magnified millions of diameters, showing relation of Mind to body. All matter is composed of thought rings of motion compressed together in spherical cells, atoms, planets and suns. Thought rings are what we call our senses. They are Mind centered and Mind controlled through electrical messages sent to them from within, and are received as instinct, intuition, inspiration or other states of intelligence in accord with the ability of a body to

recognize the nature of the message thus received. Man alone has conscious awareness of the divine nature of the messages, but man must be far on his way to spiritual unfolding before he is fully aware  that they are directly from the Creator to his Self. These centers in the omnipresent universe of Mind, constitute the "kingdom of heaven," which Jesus bade all men to seek.

...continued from above.... That fact he has learned from the radio and television.

There is still another greater fact which lies ahead for future generations of Cosmic man to learn. That great fact is that all knowledge and all power exists within him and can be acquired by him for the asking in whatever measure he shall desire. To demonstrate our meaning we refer

you to the two cyclone drawings figures 51 and 52. In these drawings is a measure of force, expressed by motion. That measure of force is what the cyclone "asked for" and no more. If it desired to be a bigger and more powerful cyclone it would have more power extended to it for that purpose, for unlimited or OMNIPOTENT power centers it. That principle applies to all



A man is what he desires to be. All knowledge and power are his for the asking. They center him. They are his kingdom of heaven, which is within him. Whatever he desires and asks for, with full awareness of his Oneness with his Creator, he can have by working with God to create it.


That is why one man knows more than another, or has more power than another. He has learned of his closeness to his Mind center and knows how to ask for it, and the conditions upon which it will be his. The only way it can be his is to know how to work knowingly with God by becoming one with Him as Co-Creator. The more that one can feel God's presence, moment by moment, the more his Mind awareness multiplies.


That is the kind of mental progress which makes man aware of the unlimited knowledge and power which is omnipresent everywhere, and can be expressed around any point of gravity which is chosen as the center of that expression. This idea is beautifully expressed in The Divine

Iliad Message as follows:


"Desire ye what ye will, and behold: it standeth before thee. Throughout the aeons it has been thine without thy knowing, e'en though thou hast but just asked for it.


  Sit thou not and ask, acting not, for unless thou reach out for thy desire it shall not walk thy way to thee, unaided by thy strong arms.


  Desire ye what ye will and it shall be thine. All my universe will give it thee in the strength of thy desiring, and in the strength of thy action in reaching out for thy desire.


  Behold I am within all things, centering them. And I am without all things, controlling them. But I am not those things which I center and control.


  I am the center of My universe of Me. Everywhere I am, I am the center of all

things, and I am everywhere."

For full comprehension of God's words, as expressed above, one should dispel all idea of the fulfillment of desire by wishful thinking and words of supplication unfollowed by action. The last paragraph of the above is scientifically demonstrated in Fig. 6. The entirety of this idea is

expanded and exemplified in "God Will Work With You But Not For You."


Your Mind is universal. It is God's Mind. When you have discovered that fact you become co-

creator with God. Until you do discover it, God speaks to you through instinct. When you finally do discover it all knowledge comes to you from that still small silent Voice which extends

inspiration, beauty, intuition, rhythm, and all of the Mind qualities you did not have until the dawn of Consciousness began to awaken a realization of them in you. Realize then, that your body consists solely of electric thoughts and all electric thoughts are rings of visible electric

motion centered by the still Magnetic invisible Light of your Mind.


If you concentrate your Mind thinking, the thought rings will become smaller and spin faster. If you relax by decentrating your thinking, the holes will become larger and the rings will spin more slowly. See figures 48, 49, 50, 51, and 52. If your thinking is unbalanced by emotional disturbances, or you actions reflect your unbalanced thought decisions, the tensions which result from such unbalance will cause every Mind center, which controls the balance of those thought rings, to act as though they were off center and the spinning of the electric current around that eccentric center will be like a fly wheel with its shaft eccentrically placed.


When you understand this you will know why your bodydevelops toxins which cause your various ills. See also Fig. 46 which further demonstrates that you cannot become off center with your Mind Source. These diagrams tell you just where your Mind is in relation to every one

of the billions of cells which constitute your body. All of them have a central "switchboard" in your brain which sends messages of command to them.

Remember always that a thought ring is a sliced section of a cell small and large of your body. No matter where you slice through your body, or any body in Nature, you will find that each section is a ring with a hole in it. The hole is where invisible Mind is located. The ring is

composed of electrically sensed motion that obeys the command of Mind, which centers it. It can but obey for it has no intelligence or energy of its own. Consider such a thought ring

section in the cell of an ant. The ant cannot think for itself. The Mind which created it reaches out with electrical messages, which we call instinct. All animal and vegetable life is controlled that way by their Creator. They have a modicum of free will in accordance with the amount of intelligence which some forms of animal life attain, but vegetable and mineral life have no such power. They are entirely Mind controlled through their senses.


Every particle of matter, in combination as mass, or single as a unit, is purposeful, its movements are Mind directed. Cells composed of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon in combination with each other, are performing marvelous actions in your body. They are manufacturing adrenaline and

dozens of other fluids by Mind control. They are knitting bones and flesh together in accordance with marvelous patterns. They are digesting your food and transmuting it to blood. They group themselves into marvelous machines which pump, knit, weave and perform many skills with many techniques. What man built machines do you know of that can build themselves, then operate themselves without Mind motivation and Mind control? You do not know of any, for that is an impossibility of Nature.


It is equally impossible for the cells of your body to build and operate themselves. Each one is a purposeful mechanism. It has to be "created" by Mind power just as you would have to create a typewriter to fulfill its purpose that way.


That is why you must know where the Intelligence and energy is which operates them. Look at Fig. 48 with this idea in mind. Note in it that all that God is can be extended to the motion which manifests God. All knowledge, energy, inspiration, idea, beauty, rhythm, intuition and other Mind qualities are within every thought ring of motion in all Creation.


Man is the only unit of Creation which has yet arrived at that stage, and only a very small percentage of the human race has risen to that high stage of unfolding in which man has become aware of his centering Intelligence. The very large percentage of the human race thinks

electrically with its outer senses, instead of inwardly toward the inner Mind. Man in the mass is aware of senses only. Such a word as inspiration has only a superficial meaning for him.


Sense thinking is purely electric. All sensations of the body are purely electric. One who senses electrically can acquire only what information of sensed EFFECTS that his senses reflect to him from objects of his observation. He is limited in his conclusions and decisions to what his senses tell him of bodies in motion. He can never acquire knowledge of CAUSE that way. He can acquire knowledge only by thinking inwardly and

hus talk to God direct.



We have diagrammed the relation, and location of Mind to matter in Fig. 48. That diagram shows how messages are sent out to creating bodies electrically for long ages before dawning Intelligence makes bodies become aware of the meaning of those messages, or that they are from the divine Source of all Creation which is "within" all things.


We will now parallel this diagram with another to show that Mind messages, which are sent to

creating bodies from their Magnetic Source of Universal Intelligence, are identical with the nature of the electric current. Before entering into this comparison, which Fig. 49 portrays, we wish to inject a new thought regarding the process God makes use of in the construction of His electrical body universe. Instead of using text book language we will use simple homely phrases to emphasize our meaning: God creates matter by projecting very big electric rings of visible light around still points of His invisible Manetic Light. By so doing He creates big black, cold holes in His bitterly cold space. In order to create bodies of solid matter in those cold holes He

must heat the holes to incandescence, and then freeze the incandescence by surrounding it with His universal, basic cold, to imprison it until it has fulfilled His purpose. He then uses His basic cold to compress series of four pairs of rings into spheres by squeezing the cold black holes out and letting the four pairs of compressed ring spheres of light in. This constitutes His entire generative, or polarizing principle of Creation, for the only things created are heat and motion.


All effects in all Creation are the product of heat and motion. Living things are the product of heat and motion. But living things must "die". To "die" they must regive their heat back to the cold which created it, and they must regive their motion back to the stillness from which it was

extended. God's way of doing this is just the reverse of His generative method. He gradually lets the cold, black holes return within the hot spheres by projecting rings, in series of four, from the equators of spheres until they entirely disappear into their basic, changeless cold.


All matter thus begins to appear as rings of light around black holes, and finally disappears as rings of light around black holes.


You can plainly see, by this homely description, that there is no process of Nature which allows for material nuclei in its atoms. The nucleus for all atomic structure is the Magnetic Light of its Creator's Mind. Likewise, the energy for the construction of atoms is in that centering Magnetic Light.


It is the invisible Light which centers the visible light. It is the energy of God's Omnipotence which centers its simulation of energy by motion.


It is the Idea of God's knowing, which is manifested by moving forms which image God's

Idea. It is the beauty, the rhythm, the balance and ecstasy of God's thinking of His One Idea of the giving and regiving of His love to His Creation for manifesting His love in all creating things.



You should plainly see by this time that the intent of Creation is to dramatize the Idea of Love, by expressing it in action and reaction.


Love is one idea, the One Idea of Creation. To express Love the Idea must be divided into

separated halves. To fulfill Love the two halves must be united as one. Halves of one must be equal, therefore, their actions and reactions must be equal and simultaneously created. The only action which can express Love is the action of giving. The only equal and opposite of giving is regiving.


The One is divided the two divisions simultaneously exist. If the action of giving extends from one it equally and simultaneously extends from the other . If equal giving and regiving of each half are simultaneously expressed the product of that fulfillment is Love.


Can you not see, therefore, that the one great age long lesson of life is to learn how to balance every transaction of life in such a manner that givings and regivings between pairs of opposites are equal?


That is all there is to learn, for that is all there is in Nature. Creation consists of multiple electric wave units. In every cyclic unit of Creation the Law of Love is expressed to perfection, as demonstrated in one cycle of the electric current.

Can you not see, also, that the reason why man's world is in such chaos is because man has hardly begun to learn that lesson of the aeons? His givings are few but his takings are many. His empires have been constructed upon his takings, which he is now losing and will continue to lose, until he has balanced them with givings.


Can you not see, therefore, that ONE WORLD of PEACE is far away into the long generations of learning that one simple lesson of rhythmic balanced interchange in every transaction of man, as it is in Nature?

That law of man which reads: "Actions and reactions are equal and opposite," should be re

-written as follows to conform to Nature:


"Equal and opposite actions and reactions are simultaneously created and sequentially repeated."


In exemplification of this law we urge a careful study of figures 53, 54, 55, 56, and 57. Every transaction in Nature is repeated in each of these examples, whether it be the casting of a pebble, or the creation of a sun. In an entire solar system its balanced transactions are so perfectly in keeping with the Law of Love that one can calculate to a split second the exact time and position of any planet a thousand years from now.


Conformity with that one law is the only way that mankind can ever find peace, happiness and prosperity in a unified world. How long shall it be before you, your self, shall find it? In that is

the answer to world unity, for you are the seed of the world. What you become the world becomes from your givings.



So radically different a conception of atomic structure demands much exemplification to replace the old with the new. For this reason we must cite many examples to demonstrate that every creating, growing, living and dying thing in Nature is just a multiplicity of slow and fast moving light rings surrounding dark holes of low electric potential, centered by a zero point of absolute stillness and unlimited Mind potential. The new concept is a challenge to the old which must be met by such convincing proof that the new concept is undebatable.


Let us preface the following examples by these text book statements of facts known to science:

1. "An electric current sent through a wire is confined to its surface. There is no current at its center." Quoted in essence from Tesla, Faraday, Pupin, Millikan and others.


2. "Living cells show a difference in electrical potential between their interior and the surrounding medium." Dr. Louis M. Katz, University of Chicago.


Figure 49 demonstrates this fact in an electric current. To emulate a section of a living cell we will put a salt solution within a ring of conductive material. By placing two insulated wires, with bared

electrodes, close together in the center of that ring and connecting the wires with batteries we emulate the charged condition of the living body, which the cell is a part of.


By turning on the current it will be found that the spot between the two electrodes is of zero potential, and that many lines of radiation extend from that center and cause a moving electric current to spin around the zero fulcrum center where the ring is located. Not only that but

an electrode placed in contact with the ring, will convey current away from it. This effect of electric current extending from a still center to convey its power to the ring, and other outside conductive matter, is identical with the mental example quoted in Fig. 48.


Anyone who may question this fact may not only prove it by this simple experiment but can also move the two electrodes away from the center of the rim so that their centering zero occupies an eccentric position, as the human heart does in relation to the chest, and as the zero center of the heart itself is eccentrically placed in relation to its mass. A different wave pattern will result but the electric qualities will remain the same. There is always a point of stillness which centers the birth point of any action. Motion spins around that still point, but there is no motion at that center.


Consider your body itself, and every part of your body, even to its last microscopic cell. Every part of it is a moving ring in section which spins around a hole, centered by stillness. Now consider every part of your body, one at a time. Every horizontal section cut through your head is a ring of flesh and bone around a centering hole, where the Magnetic Light of your Mind is located. The

space between is filled with a material quite unlike the flesh of your body. That material is the broad casting and receiving station for conveying messages to every last microscopic part of your body.


Consider your spinal cord. It also is a ring in every tubular section of it, which is not only centered by a hole for itself but is confined in a ring of bone which is your spinal column. Both of these are

shafts made up of rings, but it must be remembered that every shaft in the body, as well as every artery and vein tube, is but a continuous extension of rings. Even the center itself is a continuous shaft of zero electric potential surrounded by thought rings of varying potential. The center itself is omni-Magnetic potential, for that point is where you sit with God, as ONE.


Your heart is an electric thought ring of motion centered by a hole, where your invisible Mind is located. From that center it sends its complex messages out to the very wonderful mechanism, which your heart is, to command its every part to function true to its purpose.


Your lungs and your chest are rings of thought recordings which are, likewise, centered by four holes, for the carrying of four different qualities of messages from your Mind to the thought rings which compose your whole body. We will refer to these again in this chapter.


Now examine your fingers and toes, and your arms and legs. Each ofthese are centered by zero potential holes around which are rings of bone and flesh of varied potential. Before completing our brief analysis of Mind relation to the human body, let us step out into the forest and cut practically any growing lower stem, shrub, sapling or tree. All of them are rings in sections of either tubes or seemingly solid shafts. Even the leaf of the tree is centered by a tube from which countless tubes extend to center the countless millions of thought rings being created by the Magnetic Light which centers every one of them.


If you cut a section of a newborn oak out, you will find that it is tube centered, but if you cut a section of an old oak, you will find that it has seemingly "squeezed" the hole out to attain density in accordance with  the same principle of compression which gives density to a sun. Examine

it, however, and you will see a series of rings surrounding its center.


If you now examine the chemical elements, such as oxygen, fluorine, helium, nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorous, sodium or potassium, you will find that their nuclei consists of varying sized holes

surrounded by rings of varying sizes and numbers. Helium has four rings with a very large hole within them. Helium divides into four pairs and becomes a solid sphere, which has squeezed the hole outside of it. Fluorine and lithium have one ring with a centering hole smaller than helium. Oxygen and beryllium have two rings with still smaller holes. Nitrogen and boron have three rings with almost no holes. These male and female equal pairs unite in marriage and become two hemispheres, the red and blue halves being divided by an equator.


Chemists and physicists have recognized something of this mathematical orderliness and have given it the name of "valence." They say that oxygen has a valence of two, carbon four, etc., etc., and they balance and vary their mixtures in the ratios of valence by putting two atoms, which have a valence of two, with one which has a valence of four, to equalize their potentials. This they have always done, but their text books give no adequate explanation for doing so.


The real reason is that spinning rings which get closer to their Mind centers in the Mind nucleus of every atom, gain more and more power in the ratio of that closeness. Before returning to the Mind and body relation in man we must make it clear to you that the chemical elements must be considered in a very different way than man is considered. All have a Mind and body relation but minerals and gases constitute the first stage of Creation only. They exist as compressed matter before water is created by combination with two of them, and air by a combination of another two. The next stage is a combination of these elements with water and air to create the vegetable kingdom. The simplicity of the mineral kingdom is then complexed by the addition of water and air and more "conduits" are arranged in these combinations for the placement within its creations for the zero centers of Mind control.


The vegetable kingdom has very little free will choice of decision regarding its welfare or destiny. It has some, however. Next in order of complex combination is the animal kingdom. This

third stage includes both mineral and vegetable matter, in combination with water. The animal body is a complex pattern of variously arranged mineral and vegetable life, so must continually be replenished with all three stages of creation as its various parts "die." For this reason very much more space is given to the body for Mind control, and for the creation of very different forms of matter of high conductivity to carry the messages concerned in body "manufacture" and

body survival. Directional messages, such as instinct, have a very different reflex toward matter than those which may be called automatic reflexes, which are very much more keen in animal than in vegetable life.


The fourth and last stage is the human. Man's body is also a combination of all three stages, but Mind awareness (in most cases)  begins in the human stage (though there are several animals that have evolved to this point as). The animal has much intelligence but most are  not aware of it as a

quality within him. Man, the human, was first controlled by instinct. For millions of years he had no Mind awareness. He had no creative ability, whatsoever, and not even enough sense of rhythm to desire to beat a drum. The desire of the savage to beat a drum is the first evidence of spiritual unfolding in man.

Man the human began at the dawn of Consciousness. He became slightly aware of a creative force outside of himself, then more fully so, through the drum beat stage to the more extensive recognition of universal rhythm in the four stringed lyre up to a comprehension of the diatonic scale in the 15th century. A sense of beauty, as seen through the eyes, had developed much earlier than that, but the jungle sense of cruelty, brutality and blood pleasure still remained in man in the mass even while his culture was unfolding, and still remains with a very large percentage of the race. Marauding tribes have become marauding nations and man killing by man is still done on such a large scale for greed and power only, that the human race has no

justification, whatsoever, for thinking its present civilization, as a whole, to be in any other than an early barbarian stage. Many, however, have arrived at a very high intellectual point, and a few have reached almost to its summit. It is through these few that thousands of others are being

awakened to that Light of their own Oneness with the Source, and it is through these that the race will finally achieve such intensive God awareness that the man killing stage of today will have become impossible.


A more comprehensive and expanded explanation of man's early unfolding can be found in "God Will Work With You But Not For You."


The above is cited solely for the reason that the new knowledge given in this chapter will give every man a better comprehension of how he can lift himself above the present stage. Having thus explained the reason for this interlude, we will now return to the climax of the knowledge for

which this chapter has been written.




It is commonly said that man is made of flesh and bone. That is not the whole story. There is muscular flesh, and there is what is known as neuromuscular flesh. There is also bone and the marrow of bone. Just plain flesh and bone are the physical working parts of the body, but much

that is in the body is created for the express purpose of conveying messages from the Mind WITHIN each cell to its surrounding ring, and the nerve flesh which conveys messages to the farthest extremities of the body with the speed of light.

The vegetable kingdom is practically all "flesh and bone" but even that has an intricate intercommunicating system which is composed of a very different kind of flesh, a kind which

corresponds to the nervous system in animal and man. The muscular and bone flesh which is used for utility purposes, that which we call meat in chickens and cattle, is entirely different from the flesh of the heart, brain, spinal cord and nervous system, and also of arteries, veins and bone marrow. The blood is also flesh of the body, as other parts of it are, and it comes from the Mind

center of thought rings which constitute the heart. That too is a flesh which is mostly concerned

with its message carrying purpose, both for body building and Mind thinking purposes. That flesh is so sensitive to tensions and strains of unbalanced actions and emotions that its normal

thought ring cells quickly change, or their centers shift to eccentric positions very quickly. The slightest emotional disturbance acts upon them in such a manner that they seem to have an intelligent understanding of such tensions, for they immediately convey that tension to the heart, brain and stomach with a consequent equal upsetting.


All message carrying flesh and bone marrow must have the rhythms of happiness and joyousness in order that their normally balanced electrical state will extend normal balance to the cells that they are continually creating and controlling, as well as informing as to purpose.

If people only realized that a happy body cannot exist as a normal body without a happy state of Mind, there would be no "mental cases," or insanity, stomach ulcers or heart diseases.


One little example of such effects should be enough. Consider the red blood corpuscles as that example. The blood is the basic living flesh of the body.

Strangely enough but appropriately its red blood cells are microscopic rings with holes centering them, such as pictured in example A, shown above. Emotional, or other disturbances, even inherited disturbances, which sufficiently upset the balance of the body metabolism, will break openings in these rings and make them appear to be sickle formed as shown in example B.


The little white discs which constitute the white corpuscles of the blood appear to have frayed edges, as though they were moth eaten. Anemia and leukemia follow such abnormalities. The blood is of first importance of all of the elements which compose the body. The nervous system could be entirely paralyzed and the body would still function, but the blood has deep instinctive awareness of its existence and the body, which does not have a happy, rhythmic blood condition, cannot possibly retain its normalcy. The blood immediately feels every mental and physical tension it is subjected to.


Next of importance is the heart flesh itself. There are muscular parts of the heart which perform physical functions only, as other flesh does, but a great part of the heart is composed of an independently living kind of "flowing" flesh which is not dependent upon the whole body, as all other parts are. The blood is the most potent of all of the Mind message carriers of the body.


If you cut any part of your body out and preserve it from decay in a salt solution it can be thus

preserved for a long time, even though it is as dead as the flesh in your deep freeze is dead.


Not so, however, with that part of your heart which is made up of what the text books call specific, or autonomous neuro-muscular flesh. If you put that in a proper electric conducting medium, such as a salt solution, it will live a very long time indefinitely perhaps if the solution remains properly conductive. It does not die as other flesh dies so long as it is held in a conductive medium.


The blood really has no intelligence but it is so close to the Mind as a carrier of power and creative messages that it seems to have intelligence of its own.  There are other parts of the heart which are, likewise, intended for the mental and physical state of the body which are utterly absent in all vegetable life, and less conspicuously developed in lower animal life. Such

parts are the sinus node, the right and left bundle branch, and the intricate intertwining nerves, veins and muscles of the lower heart.


More important still is the fact that the blood is placed in columns, or shafts, which center all body extensions in such positions that those centers are the location of Magnetic stillness, and, as such, are of zero electric potential.


Next in our consideration is the brain flesh which surrounds the thought rings of the central "switch-board" of the entire bodily nerve system. This, with the bone marrow which assists message carrying inter-communications between the Creator's Mind, and the imaged forms

He is creating, constitute quite a new science in itself, which is more needed by the medical profession than by our layman students. For this reason we cannot devote as much space to this vital subject as we would like to do.

Our present purpose is served by exemplifying the fact that every illness of the body is made in the image of one's thinking and the actions which follow mental, or sensed decisions. We can retain our body normalcy, or we can easily damage it, by unbalancing our thinking and our normal way of life. If, therefore, one is ill, he should first look to the cause of it in himself. If people only realized that a happy body cannot exist without a happy state of Mind there would be no "mental cases" or insanity, much less headaches and other ailments.


There are two other shafts of zero potential besides the arterial and spinal ones which center the chest. These are the shafts which convey food to the stomach and the one which carries air to the lungs. The membranous flesh, which constitutes these tubes, is not like a plastic container. It has great conductive super sensitivity. It performs two separate and seemingly impossible opposite offices, for it both insulates that which should be insulated and conducts that which should be


One is very often mistaken in assuming that a badly upset stomach is due to food unwisely eaten when the fact is that unhappy rhythms have been the cause. The reaction has not alone been confined to the digestive functions. Its main cause may lie in emotional disturbance, business

worry, worry of conscience, fear or many other states of unbalance. Even the food one eats should be "happy." It should be cooked with love and eaten joyfully, and there should be a joyful realization of love in one's deep breathing and exaltation during the process of taking food into

one's body. The food you eat becomes blood and flesh of your body, and the manner in which you eat it, and your mental attitude while eating it, decides your blood count, the balance

between acidity and alkalinity of your digestive machinery, and your entire metabolism.


These four great body shafts have much more "responsibility" than just performing physical, mechanical purposes. Please realize that fact. Your typewriter is a machine which will supposedly operate just as perfectly if you are angry, but even your typewriter could register your anger

and be damaged by it. Whatever your mental condition is, your body condition records and reflects it as truly as a mirror equally images an angry you or a happy you.


Your Mind is YOU and your body is the record of your thoughts and actions. Your body is what your Mind electrically extends to it for recording. Future generations should learn to think in such terms. They should discard the present concept of Mind and matter, and substitute Mind, thought, and action in place of it. Some day man will fully comprehend that matter is but the motion of thought.


The substance of this chapter is for the purpose of making you realize that your Mind reaches to every part of your body, not only your arms, legs, fingers and toes, but to every microscopic cell in your body.


You can instantly order your arms or fingers to obey a command from you, because large enough nerves connect your "switchboard" with them. There is not one cell in your body you cannot reach, however, with orders from your Mind. You may have to concentrate long and often to do it but you can do it. A simple experiment to prove that is to look concentratively upon one part of your body, such as the end of one finger. Demand of it that warm blood shall collect there, and it will, after a very few efforts. Many have done this. Another experiment for convincing you will be to order your ears to move and they will in due time, just as a Paderewski orders his fingers to do fifty times as much as you can with yours.


Now apply this to your headache. First making sure that you are "in tune with the infinite" and not out of tune with it, and that you are not violating any law of Nature which continues its cause, your headache must disappear. It cannot do otherwise. Nature is normal. It balances all unbalanced effects if it is given a chance. However, it is useless to try to cure an unbalanced condition mentally unless the unbalanced cause is first replaced with the joyous rhythms which approach the God Mind ecstasy.


Now that you know where your Mind is in relation to your body, you have the basis of what Jesus knew when He extended His balance to the unbalanced thinking of other bodies, and gave them His balance. Unbalanced bodies cannot remain unbalanced if one's Mind is balanced and joyous to the point of ecstasy.


It is our earnest hope that each of you will now more fully comprehend the meaning of the command to seek the kingdom of heaven within you.


It is also our earnest hope that the medical profession will apply this knowledge to every patient and not treat his physical unbalance alone, while allowing its mental cause to be ignored.


The physician is the logical Mind healer for he has knowledge of effects which the Mind healer cannot possibly have.


One can not go to God abstractly. You must know what you wish to ask for and know how to doyour part in working with Him.


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