Cavitation & Sonoluminescence - Implosion Technology

"A sonoluminescence bubble is the result of an alchemical implosion."

What does a 'star in a jar', a pistol shrimp, and Bruce Lee's punch have in common? They all are powerful forces that harness free energy naturally. Learn how this works and more in the following fascinating video series that is extraordinarily well researched and easy to understand. You'll find a brief summary above each video. This information will inspire and empower you to get out there and start making your own free energy devices. You will come to understand how to apply these principles in practical ways; as well as exactly what Free Energy Visionary and Esteemed Naturalist Viktor Schauberger meant when he said:

Comprehend and copy nature.

Sacred Sciences - An Incredible Video Series By Mark Verbilli


"My deal is trying to find out information regarding science; the suppressed studies that are not talked about in mainstream and trying to put information on the table so that we can all sort through it together and apply it in regards to machines, powering our homes, and bettering our health in general.


These videos are going to be dealing with some very technical and profound concepts. A lot of it is going to be controversial.  Talking about energy - Einstein, Newton, Walter Russell, and John Searl; cavitation, sonoluminescence, and more.

I'm still using gasoline in my car and I'm still paying for my electric bill at my house. I don't like that and I'm sure none of you do either so that's why I spend a lot of time to search for ways that we can change things for ourselves using what's around us and just acknowledging the hidden sciences that aren't promoted in mainstream. And these videos are dealing with things that aren't promoted in mainstream so be aware..." 

VIDEO #1: Cavitation - Sonoluminescence - Implosion Technology PART 1

"What's so extraordinary about such an ordinary looking machine is the claim that it is more than 100% efficient. More energy been measured coming out in the form of heat or steam than the electrical energy needed to turn the rotor. The term for this is over-unity. Scientifically this is supposed to be impossible as it overturns the fundamental laws of conservation of energy. The pistol shrimp is overturning these laws by generating heat equal to the sun without having mass of the sun....Could we be misinterpreting the suns temp with the temp around the sun. the intersecting wave fields is what generates the heat...a particle that is ionized might not be hot...the discharge that you measure may contain the heat in it. Yet another amazing breakthrough is that we can actually burn salt water. A radio-frequency generator could release the hydrogen and oxygen from salt water and create an incredibly intense flame..."

VIDEO #2: Cavitation - Sonoluminescence - Implosion Technology PART 2

"Take note of the geometric shape of honeycomb while looking at the aerodynamics of the golf ball and how hexagons are most efficient...Biomimcry will help us reach results that are true to nature and that mainstream models might not account for. Collective geometry is directly proportional to electrical conductivity. This is what nature does...this allows for energies to pass around or Dan Winters water implosion filter....structured water charges cells with electricity..."

VIDEO #3: Cavitation - Sonoluminescence - Implosion Technology PART 3

"2D Propeller versus 3D Impellers. Impellers are much more efficient. Propellers push outwards and impellers push inwardly and because it's pushing inwardly it creates an inward vortex...Everything in nature has 3 dimensions and nature is a 3d vortex shape. As Walter Russell put it: All direction is curved and all motion is spiral...We can always have things working together to receive a more synergistic outcome. We need to have 3 dimensions of spins...why not mount Tesla turbines inside the industrial tank and possibly generate excess power?"

VIDEO #4: Cavitation - Sonoluminescence - Implosion Technology PART 4

The first part of this last video is crucial as it outlines the inherent problems in the current model of an atom. This unfortunate err has been the the reasoning behind why so many mislead scientists have supported nuclear energy. Nuclear fission is a very violent, extremely inefficient process and has created havoc on this planet. It was born from this false concept of an atom. It's great to see this called out so clearly...

"A sonoluminescence bubble is the result of an alchemical implosion..."

"Now take a look through the following information. Just familiarize yourself with the type of information I am trying to put out and trying to ask because this is a team effort. I still have a lot of questions..." ~ Jason Verbilli:

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"One of the greatest gifts we can give to our home, this beautiful Earth, is to question the indoctrinated narrative that propels most of us to buy and eat foods (and products) that are derived from enslaved and abused animals. Synchronistically, it is also a precious gift to our loved ones, our society, our physical bodies, our mental landscape, and to that dimension of ourselves that yearns for wisdom, authenticity, and spiritual liberation."

~Dr. Will Tuttle, World Peace Diet


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