The great illuminate and genius Walter Russell was the first person to share the Electric Universe model with with world. This true to nature understanding of creation will help to advance our world greatly - if we as a world can embrace it that is. Presently, many people's minds have become so corrupted and distracted that they can no longer discern reality correctly or make independent decisions.


Quantum science has empowered artificial intelligence (AI) over humans and it's become quite apparent. People automatically believe what AI tells them and are taking directions now from machines. That's why so many people believe in strange delusions like black holes. It's because quantum computers supposedly shows they exist and interprets what it thinks it sees from a very limited machine understanding that doesn't accurately reflect the real workings of nature.


This has resulted in the explosion of strange cultural extremes, increasing dysfunctions in technology, and the overall debauchery has been growing at alarming rates.

It's clear that we need to improve many aspects of our world and quantum science is NOT the solution. Recognizing how interconnected everything is and why this is so important is key. We need to learn to understand how nature truly operates and thankfully, we have some excellent examples to learn from. Here's what Walter Russell has to say about quantum theory:

"This quantum theory claims not only that energy is in matter, but that it exists in "bundles" (quantas). It's very basis has no relation to Nature anywhere nor to the workings of polarity - the great divider - nor the electric wave.

One part of the theory describes certain microscopic "resonators" embedded within the particles of matter to make it vibrate. These are set in motion, according to a recent article in Scientific American , by light entering through holes which must be just the right size in every case to cause the vibrations to release these "bundles" of energy. Nothing could be more fantastic or more of a travesty of Nature, for the only cause of vibration is polarity.

The only vibrations there are in nature are those interchanges between the two opposites of polarity which extend from a fulcrum zero to a plus and minus zero. These are the destination points which motion oscillates in sequences of reversals. The reversals are the pulse beats of Nature" ~Walter Russell (source)


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In 2013, quantum science researchers believed they had captured an image of a hydrogen atom’s electron orbital for first time using a "quantum microscope". This is how this particular field of science has been developing and many experts truly believe that quantum computers will give us the answers we need to understand the way that creation works. They've also received significant  financial support which they claim they absolutely need to build massive quantum computers or what some are calling "an engineer's nightmare" (source).


In fact, recently the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the National Science Foundation (NSF) together were approved to spend $1.275 billion from 2019 to 2023 on quantum research (source). So it is a very lucrative business to be in and one that is going squarely in the opposite direction of Free-Energy. Many quantum scientists falsely believe that they need big and shiny machines to understand nature and there are organizations with bottomless pockets who are more than happy to plod them along in this delusion. If only these quantum scientists, many of whom are well-intended and good-hearted, would look within to their own incredibly powerful intelligence and intuition - they would surely discover that they are actually better then the machines they think they need! According to Richard Feynman, a leading proponent of quantum science:

“Nature is quantum, goddamn it! So if we want to simulate it, we need a quantum computer.”

Nature is not quantum. Nature is simply nature and it follows a set of natural laws that vary in many ways from quantum theory - especially when it comes to understanding what an atom really is. It's interesting that Feynman added an emphatic "goddam it!" to his assertion - not only does this give us some idea of his mental state of being, but it's also telling due to the fact that quantum science is in the business of working against the Creator/God/Source by breaking cosmic and natural laws. Perhaps it was a deeper level of his consciousness that recognized this and briefly came to the fore in the words "goddamn it!" because if we take this literally, he is essentially saying that God damns that nature is quantum.  This is all speculation of course; and so is much of quantum science.

Now back to the hydrogen atom which is pictured below the following quote about how it was captured:


"To acquire the images, researchers placed hydrogen atoms in a static DC electric field. A laser was used to excite the electrons, which caused them to be cast off and sent toward the quantum microscope’s 2D detector. This process was repeated multiple times, allowing electrons to take a various of paths toward the detector

A special lens was used to magnify the electrons as they were released by as much as 20,000 times (hence the microscope aspect). As more data points were acquired, an interference pattern built up which mirrored the actual structure of the wave function. When the experimental data was compared to the Schrödinger equation for the various excitation states, there was a statistically valid match. So it is likely that this is actually what hydrogen’s electron orbital looks like. (source)"

It can be quite challenging to really discern the Truth in the numerous layers of partial and half theories in these fields which is why so many readily believe these scientific fantasies. What this image shows is simply a matter of waves in motion, frozen in time, and it really is nothing to get very excited about it. It is good that they concluded their statement about this supposed accurate image as only "likely that this is actually what hydrogen’s electron orbital looks like" and not that this is absolutely what it looks like since the "quantum microscope" they use relies on photoionization microscopy to visualize the structure directly. Although this method lacks precision, it still holds value for those locked into the land of the senses and unable to intuitively understand these Truths within - but only if interpreted correctly. That's where things get a bit messy. According to a member of the team that took this image:

“These [hydrogen atoms] are very peculiar…as hydrogen has only one electron, which interacts with the nucleus via a purely Coulombic interaction, it has a particular structure when we place it in a DC electric field,” says Vrakking. He goes on to explain that thanks to its single-electron status, hydrogen’s wavefunction can be written as the product of two wavefunctions, which describe how it changes as a function of two coordinates – the so-called parabolic coordinates. That is, the Hamiltonian of the hydrogen atom (in an external electric field) describes a splitting of its energy levels, which is known as the “Stark effect”. More importantly, though, this “Stark Hamiltonian” is exactly separable in terms of the two parabolic coordinates, which are linear combinations of the distance of the electron from the hydrogen nucleus r and the displacement of the electron along the electric-field axis z." (source)

According to mainstream science:


"Coulombic attraction is the force of attraction between positive and negative charges. It is easy to calculate the force between two charged particles using Coulomb's law. If the charges on the particles have opposite signs, the force will be one of attraction." (source)

To use the Coloumb Law as a foundation of understanding ensures additional fallacies:

"The Coulomb law statement that opposites attract and likes repel is not true to Natural law.
Opposite conditions ARE opposite conditions. Likewise, they are opposite effects caused by each thrusting in opposite directions. It is not logical to say that opposites fulfill any other office than to OPPOSE. Nor is it logical to say that opposing things attract each other.


In all this universe, like conditions seek like conditions. Gases and vapors seek gases and vapors by rising to find them. Liquids and solids seek liquids and solids by falling toward them.

Radiating matter seeks a radiating condition in the outward direction of radiation. Gravitating matter seeks the inward radial direction of condensation to find its like condition.

Opposite poles of a bar magnet thrust away from each other as far as they can go. That is the very purpose of the electric current which divides the universal equilibrium. If opposite poles attracted each other they would have to be together in the middle, instead of “pushing” away from each other to the very ends.

When depolarization takes place the poles seem to draw closer together, but that is because of their lessening vitality. They still thrust away from each other until devitalization is complete. When motion ceases, the matter which it manifests ceases to be.


Scientific observers have been deceived by their senses into thinking that opposites attract each other because of seeing the north pole of one magnet “pull” toward the south pole of another magnet.

The fact that opposite polarities void each other when thus contacted has not been considered as a factor in the matter. It is a fact, however, when two opposites are thus brought together by their seeming eagerness to contact each other, both poles cease to be. Each one has voided the other as completely as the chemical opposites sodium and chlorine void each other and leave no trace of either one after that contact.

If the Coulomb law were valid, it would not be possible to gather together one ounce of any one element." ~ Walter Russell


And there is nothing linear about the electron or the nucleus of an atom. Here is how the electron is understood by Nikola Tesla from his Dynamic Theory Of Gravity from July 10, 1937:

“My ideas regarding the electron are at variance with those generally entertained. I hold that it is a relatively large body carrying a surface charge and not an elementary unit. When such an electron leaves an electrode of extremely high potential and in very high vacuum, it carries an electrostatic charge many times greater than the normal. This may astonish some of those who think that the particle has the same charge in the tube and outside of it in the air. A beautiful and instructive experiment has been contrived by me showing that such is not the case, for as soon as the particle gets out into the atmosphere it becomes a blazing star owing to the escape of the excess charge. The great quantity of electricity stored on the particle is responsible for the difficulties encountered in the operation of certain tubes and the rapid deterioration of the same.” (source)


What Tesla is saying here about the electron is important in regards to truly understanding how an atom operates; as well as why so much material is wasted in these experiments. This demonstrates the fact that the current quantum interpretation of the atom is not an accurate reflection of nature, but based instead on quantum intelligence - which may or may not accurately reflect nature depending on the way it is programmed and what it is looking at. In the case of the atom, there is still much understanding needed in this field, many misconceived interpretations, and countless failed experiments.

"I am thoroughly conversant not only with every experiment that has given science it's present unstable state, but also with the wrongful deductions which have resulted from those experiments."

~Walter Russell

One the reasons why we're still evolving to understand this all wholly is because we have been so indoctrinated with false phrases such as "seeing is believing" - though this may be true in the sense that "seeing" does lead to "belief" - but it certainly does not lead to Truth and our eyes do have a tendency to play tricks on us. Seeing or "observing" is more precisely often just a sensual interpretation process between the eyes and brain and those interpretations vary depending on whoever is seeing and their state of being. This method is limited and can only take one so far. It's necessary to rise above the gross vibratory land of the 5 senses to where intuition reigns in order understand these concepts fully.


This, in addition, to the fact that the quantum computer technology they utilize in order to gain these images - as well as the countless quantum simulations that now exist, are based on artificial intelligence and do not always accurately reflect the workings of nature. It's programmed in certain ways by programmers with quantum belief systems which means that whatever images or simulations that these quantum machines produce are bound to one particular program or another - one could say that the information is filtered through quantum colored glasses.

As Claude N. Coehn-Tannoudji, the nobel prize winner of physics in 1997 has said,

"The mathematics of quantum mechanics is straight forward, but making the connection between the mathematics and an intuitive picture of the physical world is very hard." (source)

In contrast to this, nature-based sciences such as Omni Science and other vortex sciences based on harmonic oneness rather than "quanta" bits offer simple, yet integral solutions to the many challenging issues that we are currently faced with.

"It's right there in the name-- the word "quantum" comes from the Latin for "how much" and reflects the fact that quantum models always involve something coming in discrete amounts. The energy contained in a quantum field comes in integer multiples of some fundamental energy." (source)


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