Walter Russell Cosmology (WRC)


"The Russell Cosmogeny, with it's new concepts of light, matter, energy, electricity, and magnetism is a simple yet complete, consistent and workable Cosmogeny which will enable future scientists to visualize the universe as a unified whole, and will open the door to the new age of transmutations."

~Walter Russell

"The substance of mind has the appearance of many states of motion which man calls 'the elements of matter'.  'The elements of matter' do not vary in substance.  They vary only in their states of motion.  All motion is periodic and elementary.  All motion is motion in equilibrium.  No other motion is possible."

Nature divides all of her expressions of energy into octaves and tones of equal constants of unequal dimensions. The dimensional relations of octaves and tones vary in ratios which are absolute and universal."

~Walter Russell

"The secret of man's ability to control his Universe lies in the knowledge of the tonal octave wave and it's field. Therefore, know the wave in all it's simplicity of three-times-three in numbered effect, multiplied by infinite complexity but still not passing beyond the three-times-three of man's easy conception."

~Walter Russell


Inert/Noble Gases & How All is One

-Oneness (Electric Universe) VS Quanta-Bits (Quantum Theory)

The Age of Transmutation: From Light to Air to Free-Energy

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-Music of the Cube Sphere

-Life & Death Cycle

-From Infinite to Invisible

Periodic & Cyclic Table of Elements

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9 Octave Spiral vs. 10 Octave Spiral - Geometric Study: Video

The Nine String Cosmic Harp

-The Insane Elemental Pressures of Nuclear Fission

-A Clearer Understanding of the Impact of "EMF" & Radioactive Waste

-The Elements that Make Up the Human Body

-Transmutation According to Walter & Lao Russell

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Elemental Expression & Potential Applications

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By Uphill Flow Wave Writer


According to mainstream science, the 6 noble gases are Helium, Neon, Argon,Krypton , Xenon, the radioactive Radon, and Oganesson. When you get to the chart section of this page, you will see how Walter Russell Cosmology (WRC) understands the inert gases which are based on true interconnected nature of our oneness - not quanta "bundles" or "bits".

"This quantum theory claims not only that energy is in matter, but that it exists in "bundles" (quantas). It's very basis has no relation to Nature anywhere nor to the workings of polarity - the great divider - nor the electric wave.

One part of the theory describes certain microscopic "resonators" embedded within the particles of matter to make it vibrate. These are set in motion, according to a recent article in Scientific American , by light entering through holes which must be just the right size in every case to cause the vibrations to release these "bundles" of energy. Nothing could be more fantastic or more of a travesty of Nature, for the only cause of vibration is polarity.

The only vibrations there are in nature are those interchanges between the two opposites of polarity which extend from a fulcrum zero to a plus and minus zero. These are the destination points which motion oscillates in sequences of reversals. The reversals are the pulse beats of Nature" ~Walter Russell (source)

If you are familiar with what a standard periodic table looks like, you will quickly see how the WRC charts vary greatly from the conventional view. This true-to-nature perspective opens countless doors of potentials to harness Free-Energy and transmute elements at will. WRC includes the following 9 inert gases: 1st Octave Alphanan, 2nd Octave Betanon, 3rd Octave Gammamon, 4th Octave Helium, 5th Octave Neon, 6th Octave Argon, 7th Octave Kryton, 8th Octave Xenon, 9th Octave Niton.

Gases in sea water reveal the ways in which a variety of physical, chemical, and biological processes interact in the oceans and coastal environments. A series of reactive trace gases found in sea water include methane, argon, and hydrogen. These gases are both produced by and consumed by various types of organisms. The marine environment can be a source of these gases to the atmosphere. (source)

The Oregon coast (seen in the above & below image) is one of the most diverse and stunning coastlines in the world. While I was a teenager attending a unique boarding school, we spent an amazing week basking in it's beautiful light and energies.

Our mentors had signed us up for a week long yoga retreat there filled with meditation, yoga, life classes, and outdoor adventures. One day, we were all out on the beach doing breathing exercises and learning to relax our vision so we could actually see the ARGON in the air. They look like tiny pulsing spheres:

"Nitrogen is the largest sphere, followed by oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, neon, helium, krypton, xenon; variable air components: volcanic gases, spores, steam, industrial gases, microorganisms, fermentation, drawing." (source)



*Source: by Anthony @ healingtones.org

"There is but one thing in this universe—LIGHT—the still Light of Knowing. The One Light which is God. God alone lives. His thinking and imagining is Knowing; the Knowing universe is all that is; Knowing Mind is still. There is no activity whatsoever in the universe of either spirit or matter."

(From THE SECRET OF LIGHT— 1953, by Walter Russell)


Probably the most renewable energy resource on planet Earth is the air we breathe. Oxygen and hydrogen are both powerful energies and they are constantly being renewed and replenished. Although there is less oxygen in our air today and more carbon dioxide than there was a century ago, air is still our most immediate carrier of oxygen, the source being, of course, the Natural world of green foliage and the vast oceans containing sea plankton. Carbon dioxide has increased 600% since 1800 due to the discovery and burning of coal, and now petroleum, for energy and heat.  

Hydrogen, however, is by far the largest component of the air we breathe. For the current composition of our air, here are two sources from the internet.

"The common name given to the atmospheric gases used in breathing and photosynthesis is air. Dry air contains roughly (by volume) 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. Air also contains a variable amount of water vapor, on average around 1%. While air content and atmospheric pressure vary at different layers, air suitable for the survival of terrestrial plants and terrestrial animals currently is only known to be found in Earth’s troposphere and artificial atmospheres." (Wikipedia)

(*NOTE FROM EDITOR: And due to the high levels of radioactivity that currently blanket this planet because of the insane production of nuclear fission, we also have barium, strontium, plutonium, radium and other harmful elements in the air we breathe - and it looks like thorium is now being pushed as well - it's becoming the radium of this day (How We Realized Putting Radium in Everything Was Not the Answer). These are all highly toxic deadly and elements. Thank God our bodies can handle a great deal of this but it does take a toll. Walter Russell covers this radioactivity more in depth below.)


Nitrogen being the largest component of our air makes it potentially the most abundant source of energy.  So, what are we waiting for? Let’s harvest it out of the air we breathe.  And that’s exactly what Walter Russell did — and predicted scientists would inevitably do — over seven decades ago.  He demonstrated the process clearly in his laboratory by a process of transmutation.  

So, let’s listen to what he had to say — and I’ll cover this is two or three posts. I found this chapter of his book A NEW CONCEPT of the UNIVERSE very exciting although a challenge to wrap my mind around. You may have to re-read some of these excerpts a few time, and previous posts, to begin to understand his new concept of how the universe works. Here we go . . . .

To better understand the principle and process of transmutation, we first have to understand how Russell’s “Two-Way Universe” is put together.  His universe is comprised of elements, but these elements are not presented by Russell in the same way we learned about them in chemistry class. He saw them as ONE element differentiated into 121 “pressures,” one pressure giving birth to the next and losing its apparent isolated identity and very existence in the process. Let me explain this first — with Russell’s help — before we move on to extracting free energy out of the air we breathe. 


The Mendeleef table of elements lists 92 elements, including isotopes and inert gases. Many listed elements are isotopes, which are divided fractional elements. Walter Russell’s table lists 63 elements, 49 isotopes and 9 inert gases, making a total of 121.  

What scientists of his day were mistakenly calling “isotopes” turn out to be full tones after Russell explained this to them many years ago and science did further research. For example, Hydrogen is not one element, but eight, a whole octave in itself, as we shall see. 


Just as with music, where one string’s tone is the basis of all the other musical pitches, thirteen in all here in the West — produced simply by changing the length of the string to create different pressures and consequently different “notes” in the musical octave — and just as white light forms the basis for the rainbow spectrum of seven colors, one light differentiated into seven refracted rays — so are the elements that comprise matter simply one element transmuted by Nature into 121 elements.  Russell’s table of 121 elements is divided into nine octaves giving us 13 elements in each octave.  That’s one more octave than the piano keyboard has.  

Life is one. The Universe is one thing vibrating at different frequencies — or, as Russell prefers, under different pressures.

"All matter is but pressure-conditioned motion. Varying pressure conditions yield varying states of motion. Varying states of motion are what science misinterprets as the elements of matter.

Varying pressures in a wave are tonal. In each octave wave there are four pairs of tones, each of which has the same relative position in its octave color spectrum as it has in its octaves of chemical elements. Waves are, therefore, electric pressure-conditioned octaves of tones."

(From THE SECRET OF LIGHT first published in 1947.)

Carbon is the basis of all organic and inorganic matter. 

From Nature’s point of view there is but one element — CARBON — and but one form — THE CUBE-SPHERE.

Carbon crystallizes in the form of its wave field, which is a true cube. The nucleus of its system is a true sphere. The plane of its system is 90-degrees from its wave axis, 90-degrees from its pole of rotation and 90-degrees from the axis of its north-south poles. . . .

Carbon thus manifests balanced form in body and unity in balanced sex mating. It has but one equator. All elements which are not on wave amplitudes are disunited pairs which are divided by three equators. Each single element is divided in itself by its own equator and each pair is divided by the wave amplitude equator. 

99.  Carbon symbolizes the marriage-idea in Nature. Its one equator is the bond of its unity. It is no longer a pair — and that is what marriage in Nature means, and what it should mean in man’s mating practices. Divided pairs have opposed attributes. The negatives of pairs are metallic acids — the positives are metallic alkalies. All are conductive, for conductivity is a search for balance.

Balanced unity voids acidity, alkalinity, metallic quality and conductivity. By eliminating these qualities carbon becomes a salt — which means a mineral with the qualities of stone.  

He cites salt crystals as examples of disunited equal-and-opposite pairs “marrying.”  Sodium and chlorine have one equator once they unite as sodium chloride, losing their metallic, acid, alkaline and conductive qualities as they crystallize as true cubes. 

100. Carbon has the highest melting point and greatest density of all the elements. This means that carbon is also the most enduring of all elements because of having accumulated more time cycles. It likewise means that carbon is the least radioactive of all elements because radioactivity only begins to express itself by outward explosion at wave amplitude, although it is strongest at that reversal point where generoactivity and radioactivity meet. 


101.  The one supreme outstanding characteristic of this electric universe of two-way balanced effects of motion is the cyclic unfolding of matured body forms to manifest MIND-IDEA, and their refolding into the Source of all IDEA.

Bodies of matured forms are unfolded by a series of four efforts in positive-negative pairs. Likewise, they are refolded by a reverse series of four efforts in similarly mated pairs. 

102.  Each effort in Nature to unfold and refold is a stage of inward-outward growth toward the formation of a matured polarized body, and away from it toward its seed-idea.

The fourth positive-negative pair of every octave is united as one. They unite as one at their wave amplitude, which in every wave points directly toward the center of gravity.  These two united efforts constitute the matured body form of conceived idea. 

They are the meeting points of life and death — the reversal points of rest which divide generation and radiation. At that meeting point is the greatest density, highest melting point and highest potential of the entire cycle. 

In that united pair is the matured body of the one element — CARBON.

Every completed idea in Nature is expressed in nine efforts — or stages — which are eight octave waves plus the matured centering amplitude wave of the whole nine-octave cycle. 

103.  Each octave of the elements grows from its inert gas just as a tree grows from its seed. The inert gases record and store for repetition all that has gone before in that octave. 

104.  In the Mendeleef table of the elements, hydrogen is shown without inert gas. This is as impossible as producing a child without parents. 

Hydrogen is also shown as being the only element in a whole octave. That is also as impossible as charging only one of the two cells of a battery. 

105.  Hydrogen is not one element, but eight. It is a whole octave in itself but Nature has not made it possible for the senses of man to detect this easily. 


This should give you enough information to understand how Russell came up with 121 elements in his nine-octave periodic table of elements.  The entire nine-octave cycle is divided into its two opposite half cycles, “one-half being generoative and the other half being equally radioactive.”  This division allows for “a comprehensive base for transmutation, which will replace the present concept of dislodging electrons, or adding to them, to transmute one into another.”  The invisible elemental inert gases give birth to the visible elemental world of form.  This is essentially how the process of transmutation works to bring forth Creation.  Fascinating and exciting stuff to consider, isn’t it?

Russell concludes this portion of the chapter with these insightful words of wisdom.

The age of transmutation will come only through the transformation of man, and man’s transformation can come only “by the renewing of his Mind” through new knowing. It has ever been that way since the dawn of Consciousness, and it will ever be.

Whenever new knowledge of a transforming nature permeates the race, the standard of world culture rises. The art of the Italian Renaissance transformed mankind from seven centuries of Dark Ages. New knowledge of Natural Law is slowly driving superstition out of man.

Spiritual knowledge has transformed mankind step by step from his jungle age. Scientific revelations have also transformed man step by step since early thinkers rediscovered that the earth was round, after having forgotten it for over ten centuries. 

Man thinks differently at each transformation from new knowing, whether religious, philosophical, scientific or artistic. Another kind of man emerges from new standards of thinking. 

We are well into this cycle of transformation some seven decades after Walter Russell wrote these words and published his research and revelations given to him “in the light” of his own personal transformation. A Golden Age has dawned and a new day has begun. 

“Nitrogen can be transmuted continuously from the atmosphere in unlimited quantities forever.” 


It is the answer to all our energy problems.  Until we meet again,

Be love. Be loved.


An engineer who learned of the Russell Cosmogony in 1930 commented:


"If Russell's theories are sound, they will be of utmost value, as he shows that there can be but one substance and that the difference [among the elements] is a dimensional difference and not a difference of substance. In other words, if Russell's theories are right, transmutation can be reduced to a practical reality."

Kelsey, C. W., "Walter Russell and the Atom," Letter to the New York Sun March 5, 1930.


VIDEO: 9 Octave Spiral vs. 10 Octave Spiral - Geometric Study


*Source: razonaurea.net

All of these graphs are about what is happening in just one (1) cubic wave field. the propagation into the mirrored and projected surrounding cubes is actually equal to the original cube that is being projected outwards and back inwards.


All the shown geometries are therefor happening simultaneously in this one single cube-sphere.


There are not two different things in this universe of one... All is one.


Fourth and fifth octaves come close to balance as they are closely packed in equal truncated octahedra.

....the third and sixth octaves on the right are repeated here from the second image. Important to notice is that, as the initial cube continues breathing out, the spin axis shifts 90 degrees in relation to the observer. That's why the horizontal blue ring appears here in vertical position and the green disc horizontal...


Geometric Relationship between the Nine Octaves of seemingly Different Elements of Matter in Motion:


The five stages are separated in this graph in order to show the ratio of motion between them.


Actually all simulation of thought in motion happens in just one single cube-sphere. There are four of seven axis' simultaniously projecting this complete sequence from plane through sphere and back to plane, and there are three axis' reflecting planes upon planes.... (source)



By Walter & Lao Russell, Excerpts from Atomic Suicide?


"The Divine Bard produces His cosmic symphony on the harp-strings of atomic creation." ~Paramahansa Yogananda

The universe might very appropriately be likened to a harp of nine strings, with nine tones in each string. In our diagram the strings are all indicated as of the same length for simplicity. In Nature the lower string is the longest. They grow gradually shorter up to the 9th. Likewise, the tonal positions and frequencies change in each string.


In every case each note on each string is one octave higher than its next lower string. You will note that each string begins with a zero and ends with a zero. These are the key notes of each octave. They are the cathodes of every electric anode. They are called inert gases, such as helium, neon, argon, krypton, etc.

They are the seed of all matter and the supreme mystery of matter. In them is the answer to the great mystery of life and death, which shall be deferred for full explanation in Chapter 11 of this book, after preparation for its comprehension in the pages which intervene.


Perhaps you may better understand our meaning by a study of your piano keyboard. There are only seven tones there. Each eighth tone is the same as the beginning note, except it is one octave higher. The reason for that change is due entirely to pressure mathematics. Compression

pressure has reached a position where the vibration frequencies have multiplied in cube ratio. If you put a book upon the top of an organ pipe you will find that its tone will jump to just one octave higher.


Like the low tones of a harp the low spectrum tones on the Cosmic harp are of so few frequencies that they cannot even be perceived by human senses until the third string is reached. Up to 1926 only one of these tones had been perceived, but at that time the Russell Charts numbered 1 and 2 in the Introduction, were published, which completed all of the octave tones of that third octave. Also, up to the issuance of the Russell Charts in 1926, the chart then in use was known as The Mendeleéf Table of the elements. In that chart hydrogen was the only element shown in that otherwise empty third octave, an impossibility in Nature which creates all units in pairs, and all octaves in four pairs.


The Russell Charts complete this deficiency. Also, hydrogen, and its octave, were shown without an inert gas preceding it. This is as impossible in Nature as the growing of a tree with out a seed is impossible. Also hydrogen was placed in the first column instead of the fourth column under carbon.


Hydrogen has never been suspected as being carbon, one octave lower, as silicon is also carbon, one octave higher.


The reason that each succeeding tonal note, which constitutes the elements of matter, are one octave higher is one entirely of increased pressure. You can better understand that by compressing some air in an enclosed box or tube in which you have inserted a whistle. The more air you pump in, the higher the whistle will sound when you open its valve.


If you tighten a wire the same thing will happen. The same harp string can give you many tones if you turn the tuning pins higher, or lower. By the time the first octave string has multiplied in cube ratio nine times, the speed of vibration frequencies and intensity of pressure have reached the

incredible proportions of 1,073,741,824 times greater in the 9th string than the first string.


You can better imagine the tremendous explosive pressures which lie behind radium and plutonium bullets by actually seeing the pressure figures. Try it. Start with the first octave at 8. By cubing 8 it equals 64, then 512, then 4,096. The carbon octave comes next with pressure of 32,768. These are

your normal pressures, as well as for all organic animal and vegetable life. When you cube your normal pressures you are running into danger. Nitrogen, for example, is phosphorous when cubed once, and it is arsenic when cubed twice. Nitrogen is necessary for you but phosphorous and arsenic will immediately "eat up" the nitrogen of your body and kill you by their radioactive expansion.

Oxygen is sulphur when cubed once to equal 262,144 pressures. Sulphur will kill you, however, for sulphur is the dying body of oxygen and you cannot eat your dying body. If you ignite sulphur it will consume oxygen. If you cube oxygen five times you arrive at the deadly radium uranium plutonium octave with its tremendous pressures of over a billion.

These are the very nearly dead bodies of the elements which constitute the universal body.


The reason that these bodies poison you is the simple fact that you cannot eat the dead bodies of parts of your own living body. If we cannot survive the ptomaine poisoning of slightly decayed fish, how can we possibly survive the maximum putridity which radio activity is?

The deadly strontium octave reaches the tremendous pressure of 16,777,216, and the barium octave reaches 134,217,728 pressures.


Underground these tremendous explosive pressures give birth to lower pressures by releasing higher ones from crystallized structures. That is the cyclic, or reincarnation process of Nature. Above ground, however,, the cycle acts in reverse. Dead bodies kill living bodies instead of borning

them. That is why oxygen and the free radioactive metals cannot co-exist.


That is why thousands of tons of radioactive death in plutonium, strontium, thorium, radium and the other nearly dead elements used in reactor plants and discarded as waste, will gradually consume the earth's atmosphere and its oceans if not prevented from allowing the dead to remain buried, instead of resurrecting it to kill the living. We must understand that all bodies beyond carbon are dying bodies and that living bodies cannot live by consuming dead ones. There is a point of decay in all bodies, whether they are carrots, meat, fruit, oxygen or nitrogen. You do not have to be convinced that you cannot live if you consume decaying bodies of vegetables or animals which are composed of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. Why should it be necessary to convince you that you cannot live if you consume decaying oxygen, nitrogen or carbon in their natural forms? Decay and radioactivity are one, except that radioactivity is fast decay.


Pressures in electric matter are dominated by the geometry of space wave fields, which are based upon the cube. We recite this fact in passing, to explain the use of the word, but its further explanation would require too much space to record here. We will lightly touch upon it at the end of this book, however.



You can better understand the death dealing speed of radioactive light "bullets," which radium or

plutonium can shoot at you, if you but compare the speed and power of Colonial musket bullets to the modern ones, and then multiply that by thousands of times. Or if you put sixty pounds of pressure in your tire, instead of thirty, and compare the hiss of that explosion when you open the valve, with the hiss of a thirty pound pressure, it will give you a more clear picture of what over a billion times thirty pounds would do if you could blow up a tire to such a h

Start with the first octave at 8. By cubing 8 it equals 64, then 512, then 4,096. The carbon octave comes next with pressure of 32,768. These are your normal pressures, as well as for all organic animal

and vegetable life. When you cube your normal pressures you are running into danger. Nitrogen, for example, is phosphorous when cubed once, and it is arsenic when cubed twice. Nitrogen is necessary for you but phosphorous and arsenic will immediately "eat up" the nitrogen of your

body and kill you by their radioactive expansion.



Start with the first octave at 8. By cubing 8 it equals 64, then 512, then 4,096. The carbon octave comes next with pressure of 32,768. These are your normal pressures, as well as for all organic animal

and vegetable life. When you cube your normal pressures you are running into danger. Nitrogen, for example, is phosphorous when cubed once, and it is arsenic when cubed twice. Nitrogen is necessary for you but phosphorous and arsenic will immediately "eat up" the nitrogen of your

body and kill you by their radioactive expansion.

Within that triangle (see above chart - look for pink arrow) on the universal harp are only five of its tones out of its total of 121. Those five tones are carbon, silicon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. It will probably amaze you to be informed that four of these five elements constitute 98 1/2% of your whole body composition.


More amazing still, all five constitute 98 1/2% of the upper few feet of the earth's crust upon which your body is dependent for the food it needs for survival. The basic constituent of animal bodies is carbon while the basic constituent for the fertile life giving earth's crust, is silicon. Silicon is the

first stage of death for carbon. It is, therefore, as good for purposes of earth as carbon is for

purposes of life.


Our bodies need many metals but it is extremely important to realize two things about such needs. One is, that out of the many their total is only 1 1/2% of our bodies. The other is that not even a millionth of a milligram of metal enters the body in its free state. They can be present only as mineral salts, or oxides. Iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium and many other mineral salts are necessary, but only in infinitesimal amounts.


To indicate the small amounts of metals the body will accept we cite such examples as manganese, which is present in only seven hundredths of one per cent, copper one thousandth, nickel two ten thousandths, and gallium three one hundred thousandths of one per cent. Iron, calcium, iodine,

sodium and other metal salts are necessary also, but in extremely small fractions.


This seems a very strange thing, for Nature creates only metals. The text books give lists of non

-metals, but there are no non-metals. All stone in this universe is composed of one or more pairs of metals in union. The stone, of which your grindstone is made, is the main source of aluminum,

but the mate of aluminum is phosphorous. Likewise, the stony carbon is composed of boron and nitrogen in union. Nitrogen is classified as a gas, but all gases are low pressured metals. The next octave above nitrogen is phosphorous. It has been multiplied into a solid by one octave of additional pressure. Nitrogen and oxygen are good friends in the atmosphere we breathe, but phosphorous will burst into flame and consume oxygen if exposed to it, and if we breathe it we would die yet it is but concentrated, or compressed nitrogen. If you multiply nitrogen another octave the result is arsenic, and that is obviously a metal. If you breathe arsenic vapors or take a very

little of it into your body, even as a salt, it will kill you quickly yet that too is but compressed nitrogen.


Every gas, and dense element of every octave, becomes an obvious metal when multiplied into higher octaves and therein lies one of the reasons why organic life is possible only by keeping within the limits.


Transmutation means modification through knowledge of how to control that modification, which is as simple as the retuning of a harp string by increasing its vibration frequencies. Nature divides, multiplies and combines by the use of electricity. Man has all the electric power he needs at his command. Every state of motion, and any combination of those states, can be made use of by man if he but knows how Nature does it. Every element can be retuned or divided into pairs, and the pairs

retuned. Every combination, such as the atmosphere, can be divided and its pairs used separately

or recombined as one wishes. Hydrogen, oxygen or nitrogen, in combination, can be taken apart with ease and used separately, or recombined, or modified at will. Likewise, salt water can very simply be taken apart and recombined minus its salt, at will.


When Nature divides she always creates male and female mate pairs. She then multiplies those mate pairs separately, or in union. She multiplies sodium into potassium, then into calcium. She multiplies

fluorine into chlorine, then into bromine and again into iodine. Man could do this same thing with any tonal element and even split them into semi-tones. Man could also divide such elements as carbon and produce, from carbon alone, five pairs of rustless, stainless metals of high melting

points, high malleability and conductivity. The elements are but the alphabet of man to write what he chooses with its letters. They are but the tonal notes upon the nine octave keyboard of the

Cosmic instrument with which he has but begun to compose the symphonies of his desiring and his imagining.


Nature can create cyclones if it becomes conditioned for cyclones, but man can control those conditions and divide them at his will. Likewise, man can create rains wherever he wishes and in any amounts. The world's vast deserts can be forested with date palms and carpeted with a verdure

which would end dust storms forever, and add materially to the world food supply. To enable man to do this he needs only the knowledge of space geometry, mathematics, the wave of gravity control, and the nature of electric current.


The great power to transmute through Mind-control by Mind-knowing, is man's when he finally knows CAUSE instead of being limited to the effects of cause. When that day comes man will no longer need to use the limited supply of the earth's fossil fuels, nor need he labor to procure them. The age of transmutation can be but one year away if man chooses to open his mind to new concepts, or, otherwise, it may be three thousand years away. CAUSE can never be known by the study of its EFFECT in motion. Cause is in knowing Mind, not in sensed-body. Cause lies within

the invisible universe which does not respond to the senses, and not in the senses which can but sense motion and can never know.


The senses forever look out through the convexity or concavity of pressure lenses and mirrors of a curved universe of two-way motion. Distorted images and an upside-down universe is recorded upon the senses. The inner vision is not electric. It is Magnetic. The cube mirrors of space are of zero curvature and do not distort. The Mind-conception transcends the sense-objective, and is not deceived by illusion, for Mind is the creator of illusion.


Mind knows and projects its Light. Senses can but reflect. They cannot know. And so it is that man peers into microscopes, and telescopes. He builds great laboratories for research into effects of things which move. He gathers much information about their movements and develops great

skills in controlling the movements of moving things. He then reasons and assembles, but reasoning

is not knowing and assembling is not creating.


But what does man KNOW? Informing the senses of effects of motion does not awaken knowledge in Mind. On the contrary all effects of motion are optical illusions, which deceive the senses and cause men to form conclusions which are not true to Nature. (source)


1 - H - Hydrogen
2 - He - Helium
3 - Li - Lithium (F)
4 - Be - Beryllium (O)
5 - B - Boron
6 - C - Carbon
7 - N - Nitrogen
8 - O - Oxygen (Be)
9 - F - Fluorine (Li)
10 - Ne - Neon
11 - Na - Sodium (Cl)
12 - Mg - Magnesium
13 - Al - Aluminum, Aluminium
14 - Si - Silicon
15 - P - Phosphorus (Cs)
16 - S - Sulfur
17 - Cl - Chlorine (Na)
18 - Ar - Argon
19 - K - Potassium (Br)
20 - Ca - Calcium
21 - Sc - Scandium
22 - Ti - Titanium
23 - V - Vanadium
24 - Cr - Chromium
25 - Mn - Manganese
26 - Fe - Iron
27 - Co - Cobalt
28 - Ni - Nickel
29 - Cu - Copper
30 - Zn - Zinc
31 - Ga - Gallium
32 - Ge - Germanium
33 - As - Arsenic
34 - Se - Selenium
35 - Br - Bromine (K)
36 - Kr - Krypton
37 - Rb - Rubidium (I)
38 - Sr - Strontium
39 - Y - Yttrium
40 - Zr - Zirconium
41 - Nb - Niobium
42 - Mo - Molybdenum
43 - Tc - Technetium
44 - Ru - Ruthenium
45 - Rh - Rhodium
46 - Pd - Palladium
47 - Ag - Silver
48 - Cd - Cadmium
49 - In - Indium
50 - Sn - Tin
51 - Sb - Antimony
52 - Te - Tellurium
53 - I - Iodine (Rb)
54 - Xe - Xenon
55 - Cs - Cesium (P)
56 - Ba - Barium
57 - La - Lanthanum
58 - Ce - Cerium
59 - Pr - Praseodymium
60 - Nd - Neodymium
61 - Pm - Promethium
62 - Sm - Samarium
63 - Eu - Europium
64 - Gd - Gadolinium
65 - Tb - Terbium
66 - Dy - Dysprosium
67 - Ho - Holmium
68 - Er - Erbium
69 - Tm - Thulium
70 - Yb - Ytterbium
71 - Lu - Lutetium
72 - Hf - Hafnium
73 - Ta - Tantalum
74 - W - Tungsten
75 - Re - Rhenium
76 - Os - Osmium
77 - Ir - Iridium
78 - Pt - Platinum
79 - Au - Gold
80 - Hg - Mercury
81 - Tl - Thallium
82 - Pb - Lead
83 - Bi - Bismuth
84 - Po - Polonium
85 - At - Astatine
86 - Rn - Radon
87 - Fr - Francium
88 - Ra - Radium
89 - Ac - Actinium
90 - Th - Thorium
91 - Pa - Protactinium
92 - U - Uranium
93 - Np - Neptunium
94 - Pu - Plutonium
95 - Am - Americium
96 - Cm - Curium
97 - Bk - Berkelium
98 - Cf - Californium
99 - Es - Einsteinium
100 - Fm - Fermium
101 - Md - Mendelevium
102 - No - Nobelium
103 - Lr - Lawrencium
104 - Rf - Rutherfordium
105 - Db - Dubnium
106 - Sg - Seaborgium
107 - Bh - Bohrium
108 - Hs - Hassium
109 - Mt - Meitnerium
110 - Ds - Darmstadtium
111 - Rg - Roentgenium
112 - Cn - Copernicium
113 - Nh - Nihonium
114 - Fl - Flerovium
115 - Mc - Moscovium
116 - Lv - Livermorium
117 - Ts - Tennessine
118 - Og - Oganesson



*Source: Walter-Russell.com


WR (Walter Russell) describes how each elemental expression of this carbon based physical reality varies from one to the other by subtle manipulation of the 18 dimensions/properties/characteristics which define that material body.

Every sound engineer knows how to best balance the output of the recording in order to achieve the most harmonious sound profile. Likewise too, Source is the consummate frequency mixer.

Imagine there exists only one single Cosmic symphony which unpins all of Creation. By varying the mix, one can now manifest any of the perceived physical elements. The most important sliders on the ‘carbon based’ mixing board are 12/13. These control the degree of expressed gyroscopic rotation/orbital revolution. When these characteristics are adjusted all the other (16) characteristics will adjust themselves accordingly.

Some composers may decide to stimulate an inert gas to unfold their musical contents, while others may decide to manipulate an existing expression, forcing nitrogen to unwind to hydrogen for example.

Nitrogen is electro-positive relative to hydrogen. So, we need to move that nitrogen expression away from the anode and closer to the cathode and hold it in that new electro-negative environment. Then we need to….


Imagine a perfectly tuned piano upon which a performer can express their musical talent. When certain rules are applied to the playing, the notes ring out in harmony and an overall pleasant experience is had by the audience.

In terms of the periodic table of elements this tuned harmonious condition can only be applied to carbon, the most perfect of elements. The best indicator of this balanced condition is evident in its high melting point.

Every other element in the table has some degree of disharmony cause by some notes being flattened and others sharped!

The greatest degree of disharmony is displayed by the radioactive elements of the higher octaves. Here, the instrument is so badly out of tune that despite the talent of the musician only a dissonant piece is the result.

Every element can thus be made to manifest provided the correct degree of tuning is applied to each of the 18 dimensions which define one element from another.

In fact, if one of these dimensions is altered then the others will react accordingly. Therefore, almost perfect control over our desired elements may be obtained by control of rotation/revolution.

Can we now take the piano tuned to nitrogen and make the adjustment necessary for hydrogen?


The electrochemical series, is a list of metals listed in order of decreasing reactivity or in order of decreasing ease of oxidation. The metals at the top of the series, such as the alkali metals and the alkaline earth metals, are more reactive or are most easily oxidized than the metals found at the bottom of the series. The elements in the electrochemical series are arranged in order of their standard electrode potentials. Electrode potential is the potential of a cell having an electrode acting as a cathode and the standard hydrogen electrode (SHE) acting as the anode. Reduction always takes place at the cathode, and oxidation at the anode.

We are familiar with the arrangement of some of the elemental expression within the electrochemical series.

Lithium sits at the top of this table which indicates why it was selected as the basis of Li-ion rechargeable battery cells. WR teaches that we live in a carbon based reality. He argues that, rather than there existing different elemental entities, each element is just another expression of carbon.
Carbon is a remarkable element being the most stable elemental expression, possessing the highest melting point of any other element at 3600°C. It also has some intriguing electrical and thermal properties. Since the isolation of graphene, a single flat layer of graphite, it was discovered that this (hexagonal) structure possessed a very low resistivity or very high conductivity making it an ideal candidate for battery/energy storage research.

Many armature researchers have discovered that any modified carbon structure also possess remarkably high conductivity characteristics.

This implies that a new electro-chemical series is just waiting to be complied, one based on carbon structures only. For example, when table sugar is hydro-thermally carbonized the basic structure of the sugar is retained but it resistance to electric current decreases. This carbon structure can now be activated to increase the overall surface area while doping the structure will also introduce more current carrying capabilities.

We are surrounded by carbon based structures and chemistry. All bio-mass, grasses, sea-weed, fruit etc., can now be hydro-thermally carbonized/doped, and arranged to find the optimal carbon electrode pairing to maximise energy storage and delivery without the need for precious metal extraction or typical copper wiring techniques. Nature has provided us with an abundant energy source hidden. (source)

WHAT IF...1)

Full spectrum source

We have come to learn that light, motion, cymatic pattern and lensing are all important aspects of WRC. What if we made one assumption and then combined these different aspects into the following technique.

Let’s assume that the sun provides us with a full spectrum fingerprint of every elemental expression, or at least provides us with the full pattern for hydrogen.

What if the sun’s light was filtered to only allow the hydrogen spectrum to pass through. This spectrum would need to include the Lyman (UV) and the Paschen (IR) as well as the visible Balmer series of spectral lines. Let’s say there were 18 lines in total !

If this collimated isolated hydrogen stream was now recompressed into one single focal point what might we expect ?

a) hydrogen could manifest directly at that focal point or

b) the focused hydrogen stream could serve as the vibrational (cymatic) pattern to vibrate hydrogen out of any suitable hydrocarbon substrate including water.

This technique if applied to water could potentially provide man with his unlimited fuel source negating the need for further fossil fuel consumption.

How difficult might it be to construct such a filter ?

Filtering could be achieved in stages, UV separate from IR/visible !

If successful other scarce elements could be isolated and ‘condensed’ as desired. If we used the spectrum for NaCl the potential is there to vibrate salt out of sea-water.

WHAT IF...(#2)

In the previous post, a technique was presented as to how man could isolate the entire cymatic pattern for hydrogen.

In this article, I would like to suggest that instead of isolation the hydrogen pattern from sun light, it may only be necessary to generate the interval pattern rather than an exact frequency match between the lined spectra for the elemental expression.

We are familiar with the idea that a piece of music can be played in different keys. It doesn’t matter how high (x10¹³Hz) or low (3 Hz) that key is, the important consideration is that the interval between all the notes/lines of the piece referenced to the key-tone is maintained.

This would explain why focused Tibetan chanting could impart unusual vibrational effects such as levitation on physical objects, particularly if the chant spanned many harmonic tones.

The pattern for hydrogen is not a single note or chord, rather it is more akin to a choir (18 members !) each member contributing their own unique tone/frequency to the overall ‘hydrogen piece’.

One can now envisage that if the appropriate pattern for lithium was focused on a container of helium which is the inert gas for the lithium group, then there is a very good chance lithium would make an appearance on the ‘physical’ world stage, emerging for its helium seed condition.


WR teaches that this is a universe in motion. Every expression of matter dances to its own vibrational tune. Every expression of matter in motion has its own unique cymatic fingerprint. Matter is related to all other matter by the harmonic intervals of their differential cymatic pattern, which in turn is tuned to the Cosmic fundamental frequency.

Recent blog articles have begun to unfold a potential avenue for exploration of these cymatic patterns which underlie each expression of matter. In the case of hydrogen, it was advised to include the absorption lines detected in the Lyman, Paschen, Balmer, Brackett, and Pfund series to obtain the overall cymatic fingerprint for elemental hydrogen.

If WR’s scientific perspective is correct then we should be able to provide an alternate explanation these series of absorption lines and offer a equally valid explanation of those findings as that suggested by main stream science.

The atomic absorption spectrum for hydrogen is a harmonic cymatic pattern, a pattern which does not require complicated mathematical formula nor immersion in vague quantum mechanics.

Let’s look at some musical connections.

The main absorption lines in the Lyman UV section of the spectrum occur at 91.175, 93.780, 94.974, 97.254, 102.57, and 121.57 nm.

The spacing between 91.175 and 121.57 is a perfect 4th (1.3333) interval.
That is (do) to (fa).

The spacing between 91.175 and 102.57 is a major 2nd (1.125) interval.
That is (do) to (ra).

The spacing between 91.175 and 97.254 is a minor 2nd (1.0667) interval.
That is located between (do)/(ra).

The musical relationships are perfectly aligned.

Let’s assign 91.175 nm as the fundamental wavelength of hydrogen. The 3½ octaves below hydrogen described by WR occupy the wavelengths below this 91.175nm  value.

The visible lines of the Balmer series sits (x 4) below (longer wavelength) the Lyman hub series !

The outer Paschen series sits (x 8) below Lyman !

The outer Brackett series sits (x 16) below Lyman !

The outer Pfund series sits (x 32) below Lyman !

Coincidence ?

There is an obvious double octave relationship between each series, there is no coincidence, this is design !

What would really support this argument is an obvious relationship between the lines of the Lyman series and the harmonic appearance of lines in any of the other series !

Does such a relationship exist ?

You bet it does !

The following image indicates how the Lyman series is harmonically reproduced in the other spectral series.

The relationship is derived directly from music theory. There is no requirement for an ‘jumping’ electron model. The lines do indeed indicated a discrete interval but, that interval is a quantised cymatic pattern which creates a clear patterned image at the appropriate frequency. There is no need to invent quantum mechanics!


Each cell within its atom is a raw, formless idea that exists beyond mortality. It is the wild state constantly creating your world, the one word in a collective equation that is you becoming written from nothing into something — and so it knows, ultimately, annihilation is an essential instrument of becoming new to all that can be known.”Laurie Perez, The Power of Amie Martine


"One of the greatest gifts we can give to our home, this beautiful Earth, is to question the indoctrinated narrative that propels most of us to buy and eat foods (and products) that are derived from enslaved and abused animals. Synchronistically, it is also a precious gift to our loved ones, our society, our physical bodies, our mental landscape, and to that dimension of ourselves that yearns for wisdom, authenticity, and spiritual liberation."

~Dr. Will Tuttle, World Peace Diet


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