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Why Gravity Does Not Hold Us Down

By Uphill Flow Wave Writer

In the below video, 5 Places on Earth where Gravity does not seem to Work  - gravity is actually working just fine. What's not working, is mainstream science's theory on gravity which came from a man named Isaac Newton, who was sitting under an apple tree and felt an apple hit the top of his head. He believed what his senses told him, and then this became a scientific "law". Unfortunately, this has been the general process for a majority of the so-called scientific "laws" that we have today. It's time to turn the tides and move beyond the limiting delusions of the 5 physical senses, and into real knowledge which we all have the ability to tap into. Tapping this knowledge is what will get us to the next level.
Gravity is a far simpler and easier concept than it has been made into, and this has created quite a bit of confusion.  
And in the following article, we will tell you exactly what gravity is. And if that's not enough, we'll also tell you how you can prove the way gravity really works to yourself, by doing just a few basic home experiments.
But first, let's watch this video about places on earth where gravity works a bit differently than we may be accustomed to, but it is in fact, working exactly how it always does. It's just our own perspective that needs a bit of shifting. So enjoy the video and we'll continue below...
Many have said that these are just optical illusions. To that we say: what isn't an optical illusion? EVERYTHING is in this Electric Universe! Truth lies beyond the senses that create these illusions. The trick is to properly comprehend what exactly is happening in these optical illusions because current explanations are still lacking. It is important to recognize that gravity is not a force that makes things fall or ground themselves - it is a centering force; and it works much differently than we've been led to believe.
It's crucial to have a clear understanding of what an atom really is in order to properly comprehend gravity. This is something that mainstream science has been quite confused about, believing there to be a nucleus in all atoms that pulls inward. What centers the atom is not a nucleus. Energy is spirally exerted and pushed into atoms from the vacuum of space and gravity centers that energy, not a "nucleus".
And in the below section, written by Walter Russell, you will learn why this is and how things flow uphill naturally as you've just seen in this video. Gravity's uphill flow has a lot to do with pressure and it's actually something that nature does constantly.
We will make great milestones when we start to consider all the invisible factors that our 5 senses do not pick up. Russell understands this very well, as do many saints and yogis of the East; who know that detaching our consciousness from the 5 senses, is the key to freedom. Real freedom is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.
Please visit our Free Energy flow space to learn more about uphill flow.
VIDEO: Gravity - does it exist the way Newton explained it?!


By Walter Russell

It is right here that all observers, from Newton to Einstein, have been so grievously misled by the evidence of their senses. All of them have believed in a force in Nature which pulls inward from within. Out of their observations we have, in physics, a law covering the acceleration of

gravity, and mathematics to give ratios of the power of matter to attract matter, and many other misconceptions.

Russell is referring to Einstein's Law of 1905:

"In 1905, Albert Einstein determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and that the speed of light in a vacuum was independent of the motion of all observers. This was the theory of special relativity. It introduced a new framework for all of physics and proposed new concepts of space and time.

Einstein then spent 10 years trying to include acceleration in the theory and published his theory of general relativity in 1915. In it, he determined that massive objects cause a distortion in space-time, which is felt as gravity." (source)

The very fact that a stone falls to the ground has built a belief that gravity attracts it.


Instead of that it is the density of electric potential which causes the stone to seek its like pressure condition in motion.


The stone is densely wound up into a high potential, high melting point state.


It belongs in an electric pressure which has caused that state of density, and it will seek it not because it is attracted to it —but because the vortices of compressing motion are pulling it that way.


Every potential state of pressure in this universe has its proper place in it, and it will seek the current of motion which takes it there.

Raindrops will fall to seek equality of environment in the direction of gravity. Compression is the cause of that fall, not gravity.


Water vapor will rise to seek equality of environment in the direction of space. When water vapor finds its equal pressure it will float weightlessly, for weight is but the measure of potential which is out of place.


Matter which floats in equi-potential environments is weightless in respect to any other matter in the universe,yet mathematicians spend much wasted time in calculating the weight of this weightless planet.


Gravity exerts no force, whatsoever, to either attract or repel.


Gravity is a shaft of Magnetic stillness which has been extended two ways from zero in the cathode of the electric current, around which electric motion can simulate the power or energy of its Magnetic zero center.

"Spiritual sight, x-ray like, penetrates into all matter; the divine eye is center everywhere, circumference nowhere." ~Paramahansa Yogananda


Gravity is motionless and changeless.


A gravity shaft is a two way extension of a point in space where all the power in all the universe is existent, to a pair of points around which motion turns to balance the power extended from their centers.

Electricity spins around these pairs of gravity points, as they extend into shafts, to simulate that energy by motion, but the simulation is not the reality.


When each pair of gravity points meet as ONE, gravity unifies and dual polarity ceases. The Magnetic stillness of the cathode where division began is then repeated in matter.

Much confusion has also been caused by the fact that the two poles extended in opposite directions from their dividing cathode and approached each other from opposite directions to form an anode.


This led to the belief in the opposite directions of the two kinds of electricity, one of which was assumed to attract and the other to repel.


The answer to this is that polarity is not motion.


It is the stillness of gravity which centers motion.


It is the omnipresent zero. It, therefore, has no direction.

Motion is confined only to the electric rings which are forever encircling gravity.

Those rings have but one direction in their turnings around their omnipresent gravity controls, but they cause two separate effects.

One of these effects is centripetal and the other is centrifugal.


Because of these two life death effects the universe may be described as a two way opening and closing universe of but one direction.

VIDEOS: All Spheres Become Cubes (#1) which is how the Stairway to Heaven (#2), our Universe is Created

#1                                        #2

All motion is equally compressed in respect to gravity, therefore, all motion is in true gravity centered circles, which multiply into spheres,and again divide into true circles.

Gravity controls the moving universe but man has never known,nor even suspected, that his own immortality and gravity are ONE in their centering of his sensed body.


Nor has he ever known that gravity extends to a shaft as his body extends from thought ring planes to mass, and as equators divide to become pairs and unite to lose their division.


These things man must know together with the omnipresence of gravity which but seems to the senses to extend into shafts made up of many points, which are all ONE.


When man overcomes this illusion of the senses he, likewise, outgrows the possibility of forming sense conclusions such as the nucleal atom, which violates all principle of this electric universe, which Nature is.

Man plainly senses the motion of a plane, or boat, or a speeding bullet and thinks of it as a direction of motion. He sees the motion of a wave, or the vibration registered by a harp string, or the

cardiogram of a heart pulsation.


His senses also interpret these as motion, and directions of motion, not knowing that they are but registering the curvature of gravity control, and that the direction of motion is ninety degrees removed from that direction of gravity control.

Tens of thousands of suns have exploded. They are called novas. Many of them are conquered by the cold of space and reimprisoned.


The greatest of these is known as the Crab Nebula. It is a very recent explosion but a very spectacular one. A careful study of its movements gives one a clear comprehension of that majestic battle which is continually going on between the cold of space and the heat of its resistance to its electrical division.

These misleading effects in Nature have held scientific progress back for too long already.


Their correction would be of incalculable value to present day progress.

Source: Atomic Suicide? By Walter & Lao Russell

By Uphill Flow Wave Writer
So now that we understand the true nature of gravity, and the fact that gravity can naturally rise, levitate, or flow uphill on it's own when in the properly balanced & pressurized conditions to do so, which we can easily look to nature to discover...
What the heck is anti-gravity? Is it just a misnomer or a description of an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that involves extreme processes of massive pressure exertion in order to exploit the natural workings of gravity.
It's a bit of both, depending on what context we're speaking in.  In some cases, it is the latter, which means it's working in opposition to nature and distorting the natural flow of evolution.
Much of the world powers their lives by it through the highly unnatural compression of elements to use, in order to procure deadly metals through nuclear fission. Nuclear power plants are completely unnecessary and it's time we start recognizing that and taking action to ensure that we transition safely away from them. 
Another thing to consider is, if we've just learned that gravity is the cathode shaft which centers all matter - and is essentially the still magnetic light of God, then to support anti-gravity is to go against God, and your very self since that same shaft is what centers us all.
That being said, we must also acknowledge that some of the technologies who are calling themselves anti-gravity are actually more pro-gravity - they function and are able to sustain themselves according to the multiplication principles of nature. These technologies are excellent and exactly the type that we want to start concentrating our energies on.
For further discussion on Anti-Gravity, please visit our Free Energy flow space.

Fancy A Swim?

Via Walter-Russell.com

The Earth is not being gravitationally pulled towards the Sun. The truth is the exact opposite.

The push of electrical pressure from the sun balances the electrical push from the earth at 93,000,000 miles (93,000,000 is simply the electrical balance point of the sun/earth). This is why the earth rotates on this 93,000,000 mile orbit. Where these opposed pressures are equal a plane is exposed which reverses the cooling, centrifugal, radiative emanations from the Sun and inverts them to heating, centripetal generative stream to vitalise the Earth. This is why the intervening space between Sun/Earth is cold, but the Earth is warm.

That heat never left the sun.

If the Earth was somehow moved closer to the Sun, the greater electrical pressure condition of the Sun would demand the Earth move and return to its balanced orbit.

If the Earth was somehow moved out to the orbit of Saturn, then the Earth’s own electrical conditioning would demand it move back to find its balanced orbit.

If science interpreted their observation in terms of electrical buoyancy between bodies they would have a better understanding of Nature’s techniques. (source)

GRAVITY EXPERIMENT *Make a Video of This Experiment and Be Featured Here!
By Walter Russell
The supposition that gravity is a force which pulls inward from within is, basically, the cause of the misconception of the nucleal atom. Instead of holding matter together the nucleal suns of these systems have accumulated enough heat, by multiplying it centripetally, to explode them centrifugally.

Anyone can prove by the following very simple experiments that there is no justification for the assumption of a nucleus in an atom, which is held together by some mysterious Cosmic "glue" - the descriptive name given to it by eager searchers:


1. Wind one hundred feet of copper wire into a circle and pass a current through it, leaving a large hole in that ring. The moment you bend the wire you also make the loops of force, which surround it, come closer together within the hole, than outside of it. In other words you make them radiate from a center instead of being parallel to each other. Bear in mind that the loops of force which are spinning around the wire are creating potential. There is no potential at all in the core of the wire.


That wire is an axis of gravity around which electric potential isbeing multiplied. That potential is being multiplied by fast motion around its stillness. In the gravity center of that 100 foot coil you will not feel an easily measurable amount of heat resistance to the compression being acted upon it.


2. Now wind that 100 feet of wire into eight rings. Those widely separated loops of force, which spin around eight wires instead of one, are reaching outward radially toward cold, and are reaching inward radially toward heat at the center of gravity, which centers your coil as the eye of a cyclone centers its similarly spinning loops of force. The inner rims of rings, which constitute those loops of

force, are coming closer together, which multiplies heat, potential and density, because of the outward explosive resistance to that compression. Now test the hole for heat and you can quite easily measure it. Also, test it for potential and you will find that density increases in the direction of the center, for resistance increases in that direction. Now, test it for polarity and you will find that a very thin needle on the end of a thread will seek two points of stillness where gravity is being divided, and potential is being multiplied at 90 degree angles from its axis.


3. Then do the same thing with sixteen rings, then thirty two. You still have a hole in the middle. You find that heat, potential, polarity and density constantly increases as you make your spinning radial rings smaller, by winding your coil with more and smaller turns. If you now put a steel rod through those rings you will find that you need two needles, instead of one, when you had but one ring. You will find that as you extend your rings you also extend potential.


Gravity immediately divides into pairs when potential extends from its Magnetic zero, and electric potential multiplies by so doing.


Polarity is that effect in Nature which is caused by dividing one point of Magnetic stillness into pairs of still points. A zero shaft is thus produced around which electricity spins its rings to create the electric potential, which is so casually referred to as "matter."

You will also find that the steel rod has no current at its center, but only at its surface, except where it is concentrated at its poles. If you now test it for density, potential and heat you will find that each increases in the direction of its center, which is exactly what you would find if you could test the sun in the same way.

4. To make a more comprehensive test, and to also convince yourself that the needles are seeking stillness in the eye of the electric cyclone which you have created, instead of being attracted there by an inward pulling force, make a coil in the shape of two cones, base to base. If you now try your needles you will find that it is impossible to make them seekthe center of any of its rings other than at its very extremities. If you try to have one seek your central ring it will forcibly resist it. If you hold two at that point, just a half inch apart, you will find that each one will seemingly repel the other.


They are not doing this, however. They are each seeking a point of stillness which is maximum in gravity resistance to the electric potential, which has multiplied to its maximum power of

compression at that point. Instead of being attracted there they are compressed there as they point

out the direction of increasing density and electric potential.


This is proof, also, that the effect upon the needles is an electric effect not a Magnetic one. If you are not sufficiently convinced by this experiment make two conical coils and put both apices together. If they could meet at a sharp point you would need but one needle to find one common center of gravity. If you now spread the cones apart and put some fine iron filings there, you will find that they will gather together in a ball, and your needle will point always in the direction of increasing density in that ball. You need but one needle now, for two will do the same thing. Now pull your cones apart far enough to elongate your sphere into a spheroid. You can now use two needles, for you have again divided gravity.


For a last convincing experiment, take your needles to the holes in the bases of the coils. Turn the coils on end and lower one of the needles where the potential is strong. You will find that the needle will follow the gravity shaft and point directly toward the eye of the vortice, as indicated

in the cyclone diagrams in figures 51 and 52.


These familiar experiments should convince you that there can be no nucleus to a mass which is being compressed into an unwilling and resistant center. Where is there any evidence of a material group nuclei inthese atoms which you are thus creating?


It is necessary that you fully understand that all matter is explosive and that every body of matter thus compressed against such resistance is desirous of exploding. Cold alone imprisons matter into dense solids, liquids or gases. The Scientific American recently published an article by Robert

Hofstader in which he said that individual units of matter might prove to be merely rings spinning around an empty point, with maximum density at that point and a decrease of density from the inside out. The following drawing and the caption under it, are reproduced fromthis article.


FIG. 35."MESON THEORY suggests that the proton may actually consist of a spinning 'bare nucleon' which is essentially a point, surrounded part of the time by a rotating meson cloud."

You can see by the above that some modern thinkers are rising above the illusions practiced upon them by Nature.


5. Try this experiment also. Pump air into a deflated tire. The more you pump the more you

compress. At first it is like having one turn of wire around a big hole. The more you pump the greater the potential and heat you create. The pressure you put into it desires to escape. It, therefore, forms a dense ring inside the tire but your first thrusts of pressure seek the outside of the rim in their desire to escape.


The more you compress, the greater the density, heat and potential. Its increase is

in the inward direction. Bear in mind the fact that you are compressing from the outside inward. You are not attracting it from the inside.


The inside is always explosive.One of the greatest causes which led to the assumption of an atomic nucleus is the familiar spiral nebulae of the heavens. As you examine them in these pages you will see a central sun in all of them, around which suns and their planets are revolving like a pinwheel. These spiral nebulae are all dying stellar systems, which do not become systems until after the collision of octave pairs of rings at wave amplitudes. In other words an atom, such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, aluminum or sodium is a single particle not a system.


The radar principle of Nature determines its tonal wave position. Each of these are rings around holes. Carbon is a system, for it is a united pair which has reached maturity and must now begin to die by throwing off the rings which made it what it was. Every sun you see is flaming carbon. True it is, that it centers a system and appears to be its nucleus, but it is not a nucleus which is holding its system, or itself, together. It is a Cosmic powder keg which is doing its best to explode. It cannot do this all at once for the cold of the zero universe will not let it. It cools gradually and dies as it cools.


There is no force of any nature which holds it together by an inward pull. Nature does not attract, nor

does it repel. It compresses within a vacuum and the vacuum restores its normality. Electricity creates tensions which the universal vacuum releases from tension.


Figures 36 to 40 illustrate a basic fact of the electric current. As long as the two dividing poles extend away from each other as they leave their cathode to collide with an approaching pair, which has been extended from the next cathode, speed of motion multiplies centripetally and potential multiplies with it. This is what is meant by the Einstein Equation of 1905, for that fast motion does multiply potential.


The moment the collision takes place and the two poles be come one in a spherical body, that moment there is a reversal of the entire pressure principle. The acquirement of polar unity in one

gravity center touches off a reversal lever in Nature. The Cosmic clock spring has been fully wound. Nov it must unwind. Instead of the collision of two approaching poles the united one divides into two, which continue right through to their opposite cathodes. It is as though two apices of cones meet to create one center of gravity, then push on through each other until they bore a hole right through the compressed sun or other body. See Fig. 30.


In so doing a body which has been compressed by increasingly fast centripetal motion is expanded by increasingly fast centrifugal motion. As potential increases by fast revolution around two

approaching poles it, likewise, decreases by fast motion around the hole being made by receding poles.


The follow ing is a heretofore unknown basic principle of motion.


Everywhere in Nature life and growth are expressed by increasingly fast centripetal motion, and death and decay are expressed by increasingly fast centrifugal motion.


In observing the opposite directions in which the arrows in the nebulae diagrams point, do not be confused into thinking that the many masses are turning in opposite directions. Every unit in all

of them turns in the one direction which is common to all Nature. The opposite directions of the arrows indicate direction of increase and decrease in electric potential, which is the way all things live and die. (source)



"One of the greatest gifts we can give to our home, this beautiful Earth, is to question the indoctrinated narrative that propels most of us to buy and eat foods (and products) that are derived from enslaved and abused animals. Synchronistically, it is also a precious gift to our loved ones, our society, our physical bodies, our mental landscape, and to that dimension of ourselves that yearns for wisdom, authenticity, and spiritual liberation."

~Dr. Will Tuttle, World Peace Diet


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